Never Say No To Noni
A wonder fruit full of vitamins, noni has a cure for all ailments
re you a worried super mom looking for that one healthcare item that will take care of your entire family’s nutritional needs? Thousands of years ago sages had discovered the goodness of noni and recorded it in texts on Ayurveda. Why don’t you rediscover it? Research shows that regular intake of noni ensures good health and well being. In fact, some pharmaceutical companies are even marketing noni juice. Scientifically called Morinda Citrifolia, noni is known as ach in India and is popular worldwide for its medicinal values. Indian mulberry, beach mulberry, Tahitian noni, mengkudu (from Malay) or simply nonu (in Tongan), noni is a shrub or a small tree native to Southeast Asia but has been extensively spread by man throughout India and into the PaFRUITY CURE cific islands as far as French Polynesia. It A general health is extensively cultibooster, noni has an vated in organic answer for most farms in Chennai. It ailments. It’s a great is also available at cure particularly for: the Agri-HorticulG All kinds of pain tural Society of InG Skin problems dia (AHSI), Alipore. It can be grown in G Food poisoning your garden, too. G Fever

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ory and concentration. A good source of protein, noni pulp is low in fats. The main micronutrient features of noni pulp powder include exceptional vitamin C content and substantial amounts of niacin (vitamin B3), iron and potassium.

Noni is a great cure for: G Daily tonic to boost general health and per-

Make yourself some delectable noni ambrosia! Ingredients: G Grapefruit slices G Crushed pineapple G Bananas G Cherries G Orange sections G Grapes G Strawberries G 1/4/ cup noni juice (bottled is fine) Easy to make: Mix together; chill; and serve in dessert cups. If you are a fruit lover, this ambrosia is a dish you will love!
formance and dramatically improve weakened conditions. G Analgesic for treatment of pain and headaches, especially, back and neck pain, muscular and nerve pain, migraine and tension headaches. G Anti-inflammatory, effective for muscular and joint conditions such as arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Reduces pain and swelling in injuries such as bruises, strains and burns. It’s also beneficial for ulcers, cellulitis, scalp conditions and itching rashes. G Boosts memory, sex drive and energy . “Noni is an excellent anti-oxidant. It has almost all the essential minerals that the body needs and is full of vitamins as well. It really soothes the nervous system and induces sleep,” says Rabindranath Adhikary, Deputy


Noni reaches maturity in about 18 months and then yields between 4-8 kg of fruit every month throughout the year. It can grow up to 9 m tall and has large, simple, dark green, shiny and deeply veined leaves. Noni is a remarkable life-sustaining plant whose juice has been known for hundreds of years to have many natural healing properties. Parts used include the bark, leaves, flowers, fruit and seeds. Noni was, and still is, prescribed by native Polynesian healers to treat pain, inflammation, burns, skin problems, intestinal worms, nausea, food poisoning, fevers, bowel and menstrual problems, insect and animal bites.

Menstrual problems Inflammation Burns Intestinal worms G Constipation G Weakness

Noni is used in the native medicinal systems of the islands of Tahiti, Samoa, Tonga, Hawaii, Malaysia and the Philippines. It contains healing energies that strengthen the life force—Chi and Prana in our body. When this life force becomes stronger, our defenses improve and symptoms clear. We naturally feel better

Secretary AHSI. Noni is best consumed in the , juice form, feel nutritionists. The juice is available in the market. But if one wants to buy it in the fruit form, it can be procured from the AHSI among other places. With its multi benefits, noni is set to take the health world by storm. Be a part of this wave of fruity nutrition. Pour yourself a tumbler of noni juice and drink to your health. Cheers! I —ADWAITA DAS AND DIBYAJYOTI CHAUDHURI

Noni is actually a natural dietary supplement that rejuvenates the body and restores energy levels. Taken in juice form, it acts as an anti-oxidant and protects one from the harmful effects of stress and pollution. It is good for children as well since it helps improve mem-

Noni is truly nature’s abundance bundled into one fruit. In terms of nutrients and medicinal values one acre of noni is equal to 100 acres of ginseng, 200 acres of apple, 800 acres of pineapple, 1000 acres of common vegetable!

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