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The general meaning of death

In every part of the book the death plays a different role. The death itself is mirrored in the main characters and also in the setting, especially the Heart Lake is a huge symbol for momentariness. It represents life, with it's shape of a heart and death at the same time, what is kind of ironic, because a heart stands for life contrary to the frozen lake which is the main symbol for mortality in this story. The circular ice separates the living-world over the ice and the underworld beneath. In the course of time, many people died in a mysterious way in the lake, based on their own history in the past. When the lake is frozen, you can see through the ice, where the past is buried. It says that when the lake freezes over the faces of the dead people can be peering out from beneath the ice. Furthermore the ice makes noises like people screaming for help. This personification shows the bond between the survivors and the dead people. Ominous messages from the past dredge up forgotten memories at the moment the ice is melting. Another different role of death are the students in the present who are obsessed with death. They wear for example black clothes and dark makeup. Moreover the girls have skull jewelery and colored hair. The only living connection between the past and the present, which includes the death, is Albie or Dr. Lockhart. Revenge is a motive for death in this book, causal Dr. Lockhart tried to kill Jane's students and Jane to affect the protagonist by reminding her on the dramatic past she experienced at Heart Lake.