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The Rolling Stones Magazine Christina Aguilera

Facial Expression (1) Indexical sign Facial Expression (2) Indexical sign Clothes Iconic sign

Winking. Not looking at the camera, looking up. Wearing very little, tight clothing a costume.

The artist is flirty and mainly appeals to the male audience. Suggests that they think they are superior to the audience. The artist is very alluring to the male gender.

Hair Iconic sign

Colours Symbolic sign Body Language Indexical sign Props Iconic sign Make-up Iconic sign

Her hair is light, curly and bouncy.

Blue costume in contrast to her red lipstick. Crossed legs and good posture. Wearing a hat linked to costume. Wearing red lipstick.

She is teasing the audience with her flirtatious nature.

Blue is typically a masculine colour, which, here, is worn to interest men. The artist is superior to the audience, very feminine. The artist is very playful and flirty, portrays pop music. Very bright to stand out and attract the male population.