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was held on October 2, 2011 last year. It started from 8.00 p.m. and end up at 1.00 p.m. This annual event was conducted by the school administrations committee members. It started with the marching of the contingents into the field. Standing on the pavilion were the headmistress, senior assistants and the head of the Parent Teacher Association. After the parade ended, each contingent gathered in their designated tents and get ready the sports events. Around 8.30 a.m. immediately after the opening ceremony the event begins. . Level 1 students were having their short distance run, lawn ball and some sukaneka. The starters gun cracks many times to start the 100m, 200m and other races. It involved the level 2 students. Hurdle race was the most exciting race on that day as it was the first time introduced in the annual sports event. The games and races started in between. While teachers and their students having so much fun supporting their team in the races, school administrative members, together with the PTA head, giving marks to the most creative decoration on the house tent. There were colourful and creatively decorated tent here and there. It was quite though for the judges to give marks! There was a brake at 10.00 p.m. were teachers and parents were called to join some activities and games. It was really funny to see many adults having sukaneka! Soon after that the races continued and it ended around 12.30 p.m. The prize giving ceremony where everybody waits came at last. The blue team won the overall performance with 289 points, followed by the green team with 202. third place was the red team with 167 points and last but not the least the yellow team with 165 points.

For the most decorative tent won by the green team and the blue team was announced as the champion team for the year 2011! It was also announced that Reuben Marcus and Intan Maizura Rasly had won the best sportsman and sportswoman year 2011! Congratulation to the winners. awarded with the trophies by the PTA head, En Jor Bin Ahmad. By 1.00 p.m., the event ended successfully. Through good cooperation and between parents teachers, this annual sports events was successfully done! Hopefully, everyone enjoyed and remain in the memories until the next year sports event. They were

Reported by;

Hanan Arsad