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DEC6800+ Decoder Installation and Operation Manual

About This Document This document adds the Freerun LOV parameter to the DEC6800+ Decoder and DES6800+ Decoder Synchronizer Installation and Operation Manual , Edition D. The changes described in this addendum do not apply to the DES6800+ Decoder Synchronizer.

Freerun LOV
For information on using card-edge controls, please refer to Understanding Card-Edge Controls on page 39 of your FR6802+ Installation and Operation Manual.

Firmware version 1.05 adds an option to help determine how the DEC6800+ reacts when the input video becomes invalid. Table 1 illustrates the card-edge control and options of the Freerun LOV parameter. Table 1. Parameter OptionsDEC6800+ Bank, Rotary Parameter Switch
0, 6 Freerun LOV (DEC6800+ only)

Determines whether or not the module provides a valid output when it receives an invalid incoming video signal

Disable Enable

If the DEC6800+ receives invalid input video and the Freerun LOV parameter is set to Disable, the module will continue to try to lock to the incoming signal, generating an invalid output signal. If it receives invalid video and the Freerun LOV parameter is set to Enable, the DEC6800+ will operate in freerun mode to generate a valid SDI output signal.

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