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How to Enter Numeric Grades through the Grade Book (Non-Grade Book Users) Non Grade Book users

may now enter numeric grades through the Grade Book and have the alpha grade automatically populate the score field. *****IMPORTANT***** By using the Grade Book to enter your grades, you will NOT be displaying your Grade Book to the Portal. The only time a Grade Book shows in the Portal is when an assignment is present. Advantages of entering grades through the Grade Book instead of Grading by Task: No need to enter alpha grade this is automatic by entering the numeric grade No drop-down menu to select the score Cleaner screen layout Set up must be completed for each class: 1. Open Assignments under Instruction in the left column 2. Click on Edit Grade Calc Options

3. For each Quarter Grade, Mid-Term Exam and Final Exam, click on Calculate in Progress Grade and select JH Alpha Curve in the Grading Scale drop-down box. 4. Click Save at the top

Enter Grades: 5. In the left column, click on Grade Book 6. Select the task (Q3 Quarter Grade, Q4 Final Exam, etc.) 7. In the green percent cells under Posted enter the numeric grade. When you click on the next student, the alpha grade will automatically appear. 8. Save at the top

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