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TUGAS PERTEMUAN 6 Exercise : Structure and Written Expression Choose the best answer from the 4 choices given

for the questions below. 1. In order to maintain physical well-being, a person should eat wholesome food and get sufficient exercise. (A). healthful (B). fresh (C). well-cooked (D). delicious 2. Trees, shrubs, flowers, and grass give character and interest to the parks. (A). vines (B). vegetable (C). bushes (D). weeds 3. The spleen is a small organ located beneath the left side of the rib cage. (A). caught (B). found (C). ingrown (D). implanted 4. Not until his play “Beyond the Horizon” was produced was Eugene O’Neill lauded as foremost creative American playwright. (A). deposited (B). invisible to (C). blurry to (D). isolated in 5. In some libraries young people can check out ten juvenile books at one time. (A). adventure (B). large-print (C). hardcover (D). children’s 6. Among societies legal marriage is usually accompanied by some kind of ceremony that expresses group sanction of the union. (A).opinion (B). coercion (C). approval (D). insistence 7. Charles Wilson Peale is generally considered the most gifted of the Philadelphia artist. (A). talented (B). presented (C). accentric

an assortment (D). independent 9. The population of Seattle is a conglomerate of people from different ethnic and cultural background. (A). a company (B).(D). treating subjects that for so many years were considered taboo. unpleasant (B). unethical (D). Only sovereign states are able to make treaties. powerful (C). sophisticated 8. constitutional (B). (A). prohibited (C). worthless . (A). legitimate (D). a fluctuation (C). The 1960’s saw a change in the form and content of movies. a matching 10.