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Election 2012 Bingo

Election 2012 Bingo

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Published by Pablo De Stefani

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Published by: Pablo De Stefani on Nov 06, 2012
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sort-of Drinking game

If what the square says becomes true, you get that square and you drink, and after that you drink every time that the square becomes true again. Or you just drink for the fun of it (alcoholic bastard)

Obama losses Alabama Obama wins TIE!!!

Obama gets 50%+ of Drink if Obama wins the popular vote swing state Obama exceeds 100 Romney exceeds 200 electoral votes electoral votes Blonder friend drinks if Romney wins a swing state Someone mentions the 47% of anything

Poorer friend drinks if Romney wins Texas Obama wins a swing state Some TV anchor says Obama exceeds 300 “God bless America” electoral votes Romney wins a state with prime number of electoral votes Romney loses

(i.e. both candidates gets the same number of electoral votes or you really, really love wear ties)

Romney exceeds 100 Fox News misinforms Obama exceeds 200 Drink if Romney wins Romney exceeds 10 electoral votes anything electoral votes swing state electoral votes Obama wins D.C. Romney losses California Obama wins a state with prime number of electoral votes Florida does something dirty Romney gets between 0% and 49% of the popular vote

Vertical and horizontal lines: everyone finish their drinks. Bingo: refill your drinks, drink, and cry in shame or celebrate in beautiful joy.

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