Let it be long plays were in mono, but I was told by an alleged Beatles authorit y that the bootlegs had

the transition music between the interview segments in t rue stereo, which makes one ponder if there were ever stereo copies made which w e never saw, or was there access to the VJ stereo masters. I don't think I've ev er heard this mentioned, but since we were on the subject of counterfeit Let It Be box sets, the USA version of the single LP was also copied. In the 70s, Let I t Be was out of print and for some reason becoming rare, and fake copies were ma de in droves to fill the gap. The VeeJay Songs pictures & stories bootleg was ri diculous & didn't even open up the flap-The Introducing the Beatles had a pretty good front cover reproduction and label looked decent, but things like the engr aved stamp in the end groove and missing microgroove from the labels made them e asy to reveal the discrepancies from the genuine article. Obviously HEAR THE BEA TLES TELL ALL, SONGS AND PICTURES and INTRODUCING were the most popular. I DO ha ve a fake copy of Hear The Beatles Tell All- that one was rare enough that I nev er found a real one, so I picked it up. They made huge stacks of "Hear The Beatl es Tell All" on VeeJay- and I think a few other VJ records were also made. The B eatles Tell All (VeeJay) bootleg was mysterious.

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