by Betsy Denny

Mix dry ingredients:
12 cups Oatmeal 1 ½ cups Brown Sugar 1-2 tsp. Cinnamon ¼ tsp. Salt

In a separate bowl Mix:
1 cup ½ cup ½ cup 3 TBsp. 1 tsp. Oil Water or Apple Juice Honey Vanilla extract Almond extract (optional)


Mix both together (this will require a little patience to work the moisture all the
way through).

2. Spread ½ the mixture onto a cookie sheet and cook – then cook other half 3. Bake 300 for 20 min, stir, cook 10 more min. 4. When the granola just begins to brown remove and pour warm granola in a bowl, 5. Add dried fruit and nuts and stir gently several times as it cools so that it doesn’t clump too much. Store in air tight container.
Dried Fruit – Cherries, Apricots, Golden raisins Nuts -Almonds chopped up, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds Oil – I like to substitute about 1/3 of the oil with Applesauce to make it healthier. Do not use more than that amount of applesauce of you’ll find your granola going rock hard, it needs the oil for the light crispy texture. *This is an easy recipe to double – you just need a very large bowl!:)