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Guatemala 2013 Interest Packet

Guatemala 2013 Interest Packet

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Published by Steve Dang
Our interest packet for our summer Go Team to Guatemala in 2013.
Our interest packet for our summer Go Team to Guatemala in 2013.

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Published by: Steve Dang on Nov 06, 2012
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Guatemala 2013

Calvary Los Gatos High School Go Team Interest Meeting Sunday, 11-18-2012

“And all who believed were together and had all things in common. And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need. And day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts, ...” Acts  2:44-­‐47  ESV      

Improv  High  School  Ministries    
Guatemala 2013

ImprovLG exists to be a safe place for students to: explore the life and teachings of Jesus, connect with other students, and with Christ-centered leaders. Our prayer for all our students is to become missional and incarnation disciples of Jesus

Welcome! This Guatemalan adventure will be a time to look back on and see God’s hand at work in our lives. The high school students and staff that go on this trip will experience God in a way they probably never have before, serve alongside our Guatemalan brothers and sisters in Christ, be pushed in their faith, share lots of laughs, and of course……..eat awesome food! This is not a vacation, but rather something much greater. The way we think and act, putting God in a box, must be challenged. Each student and staff will experience God in a different way: different than ever before and different than anyone else, that is the beauty of the personal relationship with God through the saving blood of His Son. We will be heading to a new area (to us) in Northeastern Guatemala near Tikal. (Tikal is famous for its Mayan ruins and other experiences of antiquity). It will be in a poor area, we will be experiencing a jungle community that we in the south bay area of California could not fathom until we go. And we will experience a Guatemalan church on fire for God that we have the privilege of serving to expand their ministry. We are honored to accept the Guatemalan pastors’ association’s request for our high school group to come and help build their new church building and run a Vacation Bible School for the neighborhood kids This being said, one of the great things about Beyond Partnership (the organization we’ll be going with) is that they believe in being flexible to the calling of the Holy Spirit and the needs of the pastoral country leaders. So no matter what we end up doing (it will likely remain as construction and VBS), we’ll be in good and safe hands in Guatemala.
(Oh ya, and soccer rain or shine!)

The  meeting  coming  up  (11-­‐18-­‐12)  is  intended  for  you  (both  students  and  parents  alike)  to  ask   questions  and  hear  what  this  awesome  two  week  adventure  will  be  all  about.  If  you  think  of  some   questions  later  on,  call  or  email  me  any  time.     -Steven Giordano (408) 688-7724 steven.a.giordano@gmail.com  
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Improv  High  School  Ministries    
Guatemala 2013

Fact / FAQ Sheet
Location: Trip Dates: Cost:

Guatemala City, Guatemala June 17th (Monday) through June 28th (Friday), 2013

$2200 Deposit: $350; due January 13th, 2013 (non-refundable. This amount cannot be raised later)   -­‐$1000  Total;  due  March  10th,  2013     -­‐$1600  Total;  due  April  21st,  2013     -­‐$2200  Total;  Due  May  12th,  2013   Beyond Partnership (www.beyondpartnership.org) check it out! Steven Giordano: Calvary Improv High School Staff Steve Reed: Beyond Partnership Staff/Founder (Other Calvary and BP Staff TBD) Awesome!

Organization: Team Leaders:


What’s a typical day on a trip with Beyond Partnership in Guatemala?
Beyond Partnership’s heart is to stay flexible to the calling of the Holy Spirit and the needs of the Guatemalan pastoral leaders. But in general, here’s a typical day: -wake up to a devotional led by BP leader -breakfast with Guatemalan church leaders, helpers, etc. -construction with our Guatemalan brothers and sisters -lunch! Sharing of testimonies (both American and Guatemalan) -half team to continue construction and other half to help out with Vacation Bible School (crafts, stories, songs, and puppets!; we’ll be rotating each day who does what) -clean up and head back to where we are staying -dinner -church services, team bonding, or just relaxation and story sharing

Once we have determined the team, we’ll be giving out a big packet provided by BP with specific information. Contacting your personal doctor or international travel advice nurse will also get you the information.

Do we need construction experience, kids program skills, or decent Spanish?
NOPE!!! The goal is to work with and under the leadership of the Guatemalan nationals. We’re not looking for professional builders, teachers, or any Spanish experience. We will be working on many things before June so everyone feels comfortable holding a hammer, tying rebar, leading crafts, and some Spanish phrases, so don’t fret.

More questions you think of later? Contact me anytime! Cell: (408) 688-7724

Email: steven.a.giordano@gmail.com

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