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Radio Script for Passions Journals

Radio Script for Passions Journals

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Part of my project for Moleskine Passions Journals and the "share your passions" campaign I created for my copywriting class.
Part of my project for Moleskine Passions Journals and the "share your passions" campaign I created for my copywriting class.

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Published by: Mattchews Solomon Mrozinski on Nov 07, 2012
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Matt Mrozinski Client: Moleskine Passions Journals Project: :60 Second Radio Script: “MLSKN Radio” Agency: DePaul University

Air date: Immediate SFX: Retro sound of radio scanning channels, landing on our fictitious station Moleskine Radio, where Magic Mike is broadcasting his morning radio show MALE VOICEOVER : We’re live here at Moleskine Radio, caller with us from New Jersey. You’re on the air! SFX: Caller picks up handset and the line clicks through loudly FEMALE VOICEOVER: Hi Magic Mike (in a sing-songy fashion). MALE VO: Hello listener FEMALE VO: I am a long time fan of the show here MALE VO: That’s great to hear, what can I do for you? FEMALE VO: Well last night I went out on a date SFX: Crowd “oohing” MALE VO: Out on a date! How was that? FEMALE VO: The guy was so boring! It seemed like his only hobby was collecting dust in his mother’s basement. MALE VO: (Authoritatively) Dry like tunafish! FEMALE VO: I thought it was going to be an awful night. MALE VO: You thought? FEMALE VO: Well that’s how I thought it was going, another lame duck date for Margie! MALE VO: At least you can get a date. SFX: Rimshot and laugh track. FEMALE VO: But then, later on, I asked him to (drawn out) show me his Passions… MALE VO: And things heated right up?

FEMALE VO: Oh absolutely! He loves yoga, too! Who would have guessed? So I got out my Passions Journal from Moleskine and we (suggestive) tried a few positions… MALE VO: (Interestedly) Scandalous,,, FEMALE VO: Downward facing dog! SFX: Crowd “ooh’s” again FEMALE VO: (voice rising) Reverse warrior! SFX: Again, crowd “ooh’s” (rising) FEMALE VO: And even the flying crow! It was unbelievable— MALE VO: (cuts off caller) Well Margie, thanks that’s about all the time we have for otoday SFX: Theme music rising in the background MALE VO: And thanks for tuning in to Moleskine Radio, that was Margie from New Jersey telling us how the new Passions Journals from Moleskine has spiced up her life, and this is Passions Hour brought to you by the new line of Passions Journals from Moleskine: share your passion. Share more online at Moleskine.com and tell us about your passions! SFX: Repeat theme music and under, radio scans back to regularly scheduled programming.

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