To: Subject: For Jodi S. Cohen: Exclusive on anonymous philanthropist Ms.

Cohen: How common it is today that a qualified and creative high school student is denied their chance to continue in education the arts because they cannot get adequate financial aid or scholarship offers to cover the skyrocketing costs of college? Perhaps, you have questions of your own— you’ve asked yourself, “How will my children go to college at the rate tuitions are inflating?” or, “How, just how will I pay off this student debt?” Wouldn’t it be great if somebody saw the potential of our youth today and actually did something to make these unreachable costs more attainable? If you said yes to any of the above questions, then I have a story that may interest you as the Higher Education Reporter at the Chicago Tribune. I am sure that you see the distressing pattern of student tuition increases—and not just in this state, but also around the country. Well, just this week, the House of Blues International Foundation received a $10 million donation from a music business exec that will be instrumental in funding the foundation’s scholarship program. We are offering to you an exclusive opportunity to get the story out and in the Chicago Tribune—but we would need to know if you are interested, and fairly soon. The donor wishes to remain “behind the scenes,” so to speak, and we ask you to honor his requests for anonymity; we can, however, confidentially reveal to you his identity and put you two in contact should you decide this sounds like the story for you. I can leave you with two hints: he is a Chicago native and on the board of directors for a major recording label. I would appreciate it if you could touch base with me before Tuesday, Feb. 21 to exchange more details regarding this matter (e-mail or phone works just fine for me). I look forward to having the opportunity to facilitate this intercourse on college financing. Regards Matthew Mrozinski Director of Media Relations Live Nation Entertainment (312) 912-2567

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