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Meet Juli

Meet Juli

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Published by: Juli Becker on Nov 07, 2012
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Meet Juli

Welcome to julibecker.com! I’m so happy you’re here. Consider this your official virtual “hug” as a greeting into my life and world! I currently work full time at Great Lakes Educational Loan Services as a student loan debt counselor, where I listen to people every day tell me the reasons why they can’t pay their student loans. Many have very valid reasons: unemployment, divorce, pending foreclosure, and more. And I sympathize. This economic climate can be tough. I know. I also work full time (yes, full time) as an online entrepreneur…. I am an Internet entrepreneur, specializing in Social Media Marketing, Network Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing. Because I am so passionate about what I am doing, it is hard for me to come home, as tired as I am, and not get on the computer to reconnect with friends, like you. In the last few years I have pulled myself out of a very difficult situation that has tried and tested me as a human being, and I have risen above those circumstances to create an online presence that continues to inspire me to do better, so I can inspire you to do better. I consider myself now stepping into a role that I’ve wanted to fill all my life – as one of a leader. Because I have a voracious desire to learn, I am constantly reading, developing, and honing my


skills as an entrepreneur.

One thing I have learned is that there are specific tools and strategies that create wealth online. On this blog you will learn about the exact tools and resources that I use to build a successful business online. I am going to freely share these tools with you because my greatest goal is to help you achieve the success that you so deeply desire. In the big picture, my life’s vision is to: teach aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve ridiculously massive success online inspire struggling entrepreneurs to remain true to their vision unite successful entrepreneurs in our thinking that there is enough wealth to go around for all of us (it is my battle cry) If what I’m sharing resonates with you, if you feel a calling deep within your being to step up, lead, and create wealth while making a difference, then please keep reading! We have some magic to create together! I’d love to share more about my personal story with you, about how I went from being insecure, broke, and unhappy, to blossoming into a powerful, creative, and abundant entrepreneur. The power is always within you! And I hope it will inspire you to know that you are the creator, the artist of your own life and future. And that you have the power to choose how you show up in the world, how much success you create, and how big of an impact you want to make! My Early Life


I came from a broken home, where my mother and biological father fought all the time. Because they were so focused on each other and their problems, I was pretty much left to wander wherever I desired. When my mother remarried, she and my step-father created a brand new family culture, where unity and honesty and goal setting were prominent themes. It was in this culture that I began to blossom as a human being. I started to get good grades in school – straight A’s, in fact. I also joined every sporting event and club that I could because I felt secure enough in private to become ‘popular’ in public. My newly found success garnered accolades, awards, and placed me in a leadership role with my peers. Life was good. And I liked it. College Life Because of my success in high school, I received a full ride scholarship to a private university, where my goal was to become a teacher of high school English. And marry a preacher. It was the vision of an ideal life to me. It wasn’t meant to be, however.


The day I went to register for classes, the Administrator of the school announced that there would not be enough funding to continue functioning in the University capacity that the church was then holding. Needless to say, I was devastated. So I went to a state university. And hated it. Married Life I wish I could say that I married my best friend. I didn’t. But we did have two beautiful children, however, whom I love every much. And he was a good man….and father – and still is to this day. Now we have a granddaughter to celebrate, with another on the way. My Life After Divorce I struggled, like so many do, after my divorce. Because my marriage was so difficult, I wanted my divorce to be simple, so I walked away with only three boxes to my name.


I admit now that I was way more confident then than I am now about what it takes to start over. But start over I did. In real estate. At the height of the market. And I fell in love…. ….with being a Realtor. Fast Forward to Today

Like I said earlier, I currently work full time at Great Lakes Higher Education as a student loan debt counselor, where I listen to people every day tell me the reasons why they can’t pay their student loans. This fuels my fire.

It makes me realize more and more that there is a need for entrepreneurs who will take a stand – a stand for what made this country great – the entrepreneurial spirit. It’s alive. It isn’t dead. Will you stand with me?


I know I am here to help empower, inspire, and awaken millions of people to the truth of who they really are, the true power, potential, and love that exists within all of us. I’m also here to help entrepreneurs create wealth doing what they love, following their true calling and purpose, and contributing their gifts to the world in their own unique and powerful way. Although my vision is no longer to be a Realtor, I see MYSELF now being a leader and inspiring other like-minded leaders to do the same. And I also know that our economy is calling out for a change in so many ways right now, that it’s time for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders from all walks of life to unite together and create that change, both economically and spiritually. I know I’m being called to play a role in this economic shift, in sharing the tools that I am using to achieve success online. And YOU also have a role to play. We all do. So let’s work together and create true wealth online as a team. Be blessed!

Juli Becker Text Me: 715.864.4555 Work With Me: Numis Network
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