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Palio Checklist

Palio Checklist

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Published by: Phani Krishna on Nov 07, 2012
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Externals ·




Body ✓ Check all doors operation, no unnecessary rattles ✓ Check for difference in paint between different body panels to check if part has been repainted ✓ Check for boot/front hood opening closing operation. ✓ Check rearview mirrors for proper opening closing ✓ Check for more than usual dents/scratches along the surface ✓ Check front and rear for any signs of impact/previous accident ✓ Check for uneven gaps between bumper & headlights, indicating a front hood accident ✓ Check radiator for any cracks/visible damages, can be caused by hitting a dog or anything head on ✓ 3 UnderBody ✓ If possible check for any rusting/loose parts ✓ Check exhaust pipe for dents ✓ 1 ✓ 2 ✓ 3 Glass ✓ Check if front windscreen has any more than usual scratches ✓ Check if all windows are closing completely ✓ Check if there is unnecessary bubbling of the sun films (if any!) ✓ 1 ✓ 2 ✓ 3 Tyres/Rims ✓ Check all 4 tyres for uneven tyre wear. ✓ Check all 4 rims for any visible bends. ✓ Check all 4 tyres of the same company/brand, ask for tyre change history & reason ✓ 3

Internals ·

Cabin ✓ Check if all the backlights of the instrument console are working ✓ Check for any stuck buttons in the dash board ✓ Check if both seat belts are working fine ✓ Check if the both front seats have proper front/rear movement + backrest slant operation. ✓ Check for smooth operation of the levers ✓ Check if trip-meter is working ✓ Check the wash/wipe function working for both front & rear windshield



✓ Check the parking lights & headlights ✓ Down the rear seats & check if there is any problem with the movement. The back rest should be down completely & also get locked when back in place Boot space ✓ Check parcel tray for cracks ✓ Check if tool kit + jack is present ✓ Check the spare wheel is present ✓ 3 Engine Bay ✓ Compare engine bay with the picture of the engine bay I sent. ✓ Check for unnecessary oil leaks along the head. ✓ Check if airbox cover locks are in place. ✓ Check for coolant leakage & level ✓ Check for broken mounts of air filter box/pipe ✓ Let the engine idle for a few mins & check if fan is switching ON ✓ ✓ 5

Drive Checks (To be checked during driving) · After engine is switched on, at idle is there any more than necessary noise from the engine, check noise with the hood lifted up. · Check if the gears are easy to engage. · Check if the rear gear lift lock mechanism is working · Check for noises from the suspension/body when going over potholes/bumps · At idle rev the engine to roughly 90% of the rev range and check for any more than necessary engine noises · Check if the clutch is easy to depress & release. It should not be too hard/too soft, indicating a recent work done on clutch assembly · Leave the steering and break a little, observe whether the vehicle maintains straight line or sways left/right, alignment issue can be there · Switch on AC and check how fast/slow the cooling takes place, and check various blower speeds working. · Check all power windows to work both ways UP/DOWN. · 5 · 6

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