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How to Sprint a Faster 100m

How to Sprint a Faster 100m

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Published by: Echaminya Juni Mbarani on Nov 07, 2012
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How to sprint a faster 100m

The 100-meter sprint race is an exhibition of speed and power and often the highlight of the Summer Olympic games. 100-meter sprinters are built more like bodybuilders than runners and train to develop explosive speed. In a 100-meter race, every tenth of a second can make a difference, so even the slightest tweak in training or technique can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Step 1 Practice specific sprint-training drills. Sprint for 10 meters, jog for 10 meters and sprint for 10 more meters. Skip for 40 meters and sprint for 40 meters with your arms bent to 90 degrees, focusing on driving your elbows in a straight line. Do not do multiple sets and reps of the exercises. Step 2 Practice your first move out of the starting blocks regularly during training. Position your power leg, or the leg you want to drive off on your first move, in the block closest to the starting line. Bend the front leg to approximately 90 degrees and the back leg to 130 degrees. Place only your thumbs and index fingers on the track as you get set to go. Step 3 Swing your arms so your hands reach up past your shoulder height and down past your hips when at full speed. Keep your elbows bent at 90 degrees and hammer your arms and hands aggressively. Step 4 Push off the track with your toes, driving your legs forward with your knees high. Strike the track with the ball of your foot on each stride just behind your body's center of gravity. Step 5 Position your head so it is in line with your torso as you sprint. Keep your torso in line with your legs, and avoid clenching your fists or your jaw during the race. Relax your face, neck and shoulders from the beginning to the end.

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