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Crystal City Sector Plan

Crystal City Sector Plan

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The Crystal City Sector Plan represents the results of a community planning effort to develop a preferred vision for the next generation of development in Crystal City.
The Crystal City Sector Plan represents the results of a community planning effort to develop a preferred vision for the next generation of development in Crystal City.

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Published by: CrystalCityStreetcar on Nov 07, 2012
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Redevelopment in Crystal City afords an
excellent opportunity to introduce and
expand the County’s public art program as an
integral component of the master planning
process. In general, the County’s Public Spaces
Master Plan and Public Art Master Plan call
for the creation of a network of civic spaces
hosting a range of community functions
including recreation, cultural programs,
and public gathering. These plans provide a
conceptual framework for the improvement
of existing spaces and the creation of new
outdoor public spaces, in Crystal City and

High quality public art, on a foundation
of strong urban design, architecture, and
landscape architecture, can distinguish
Crystal City’s built environment. Public art
marks civic space, and through a variety
of media and scales, enriches individuals’
experience of place. In accord with the
Public Art Master Plan, public art should be
selectively incorporated into streetscapes,
public and private buildings, parks, transit and
infrastructure. County staf will coordinate
public art by working with important
partners such as the Crystal City BID and
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.

The Public Art Master Plan lists civic spaces,
transit ways, and signifcant entryways as
priority locations for public art in Crystal City.
Public art should be an integral part of the
design and redevelopment of the Plaza at
23rd Street and Clark-Bell Street, the Center
Park at 20th Street and Clark-Bell Street, and
the Metro Plaza at 18th Street and Clark-Bell
Street. Particular focus should be given to
the Center Park and adjacent civic building
as the civic center of Crystal City. As points
of congregation, public transportation stops

and routes are prime locations for integrated
art. As the transitway is further defned, a
public artist should be part of the design
team. Public art can also be an efective tool
for marking the entry points into Crystal City.
Most prominently, the Airport Circle and
Airport Access Road should include public
art in the circle and/or to enliven a future
pedestrian path to the airport. Redesign along
12th Street including the park at Crystal Drive
and Old Jeferson Davis Highway should
include public art to mark the link between
Crystal City and Pentagon City. Finally, the
Southern Triangle entrance to Crystal City
might also be marked with public art.

Private sector participation in the County’s
public art program strengthens the County’s
public realm. Integrated public art on private
development sites can enliven Crystal City
by transforming spaces into places that
challenge or delight. Contributions to the
County’s Public Art Fund supplement public
dollars and can be aggregated to create
public art for public places, streetscape, and
infrastructure. While there are appropriate
locations for art in private development, the
nature of the redevelopment in Crystal City
reinforces the bias stated in the Public Art
Master Plan for site plan contributions to the
Public Art Fund.

The Cultural Resources discussion in Section
3.9.4 describes further recommendations
pertaining to future cultural resources in
Crystal City.

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Performing Arts - Boston, MA

Temporary Art Work - Florida

Permanent Art Work - Barcelona, ES

Interactive Art - Silver Spring, Md


crysTal ciTy masTer Plan

12th Street S

15th Street S

18th Street S

23rd Street S

20th Street S

Crystal Drive

Je erson Davis Highway / US1

S. Eads Street

S. Clark Street

26th Street S

New Street Retail

Existing Street Retail

Existing Underground Retail

Proposed Underground Retail



Retail Space

Crystal Drive

Retail Space

O ce / Residential


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