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General Instructions - Do's and Don't

General Instructions - Do's and Don't

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Published by Glen Mangali

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Published by: Glen Mangali on Nov 07, 2012
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Before you start……
Place your personal belongings on shelves or inside the drawer of the table and keep valuable belongings inside the pockets. Clean your working area. Good work and good results can only be attained when you observe exactness, neatness and cleanliness.

Before you start……
Pay attention to the explanations, instructions and precautions given by your instructor. Familiarize yourself with activity you are to perform by reading carefully the introduction, objectives, and procedure given in the activity. Never perform unassigned activities.

While performing an experiment…….
Do not fool around in the laboratory – it is not a playground. Do not eat and drink in the laboratory. Do not smoke, as some of the reagents are flammable. Do not taste any chemical in the laboratory. Most chemicals are poisonous.

While performing an experiment…….
Be careful in handling chemicals and glass apparatus. Carry all large bottles with both hands, one at the bottom and one at the neck. Keep volatile and flammable solvents away from an open flame.

While performing an experiment…….
Do not use more chemicals that what is called for the experiment. Do not return excess reagent to the original at least twice before taking a sample. Make sure that the covers of the bottles are not interchanged.

While performing an experiment…….
Make sure that the covers of the bottles are not interchanged. Label the chemical reagent acquired. Arrange systematically on your working table the materials and apparatus needed for the experiment. Work carefully to avoid accidents.

While performing an experiment…….
Wash off with plenty of water any spilled acid or other corrosive chemicals. Neutralize acids with base and vice versa. Wash thoroughly with plenty of water. Develop the habit of rinsing droppers and rods immediately after use.

While performing an experiment…….
Record all observations and necessary data on the provided report sheet. Recheck your data. Answer all question on the allotted blank spaces using concise statements. Consult your lecture notes whenever necessary.

After the experiment…….
Wash and dry all the apparatus used and return them to their proper places. Dispose water-soluble materials in the sink and flush with plenty of water. Solid wastes like tissue, paper, matchstick and other similar materials must be discarded into the waste cans and never in the sink.

After the experiment…….
Clean your working area. Wash your hands thoroughly before leaving and dry them with a clean towel. Present the work output to your instructor for checking. Fill-out the assigned laboratory activity.

After the experiment…….
Submit written group report. Make sure that written reports are short and concise. It must meet the activity objectives. Close gas cocks and faucets, and switch off the lights and ceiling before leaving the room.

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