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Presenters' Checklist

Presenters' Checklist

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Published by Lucy Gray
Important information for presenters at the 2012 Global Education Conference
Important information for presenters at the 2012 Global Education Conference

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Published by: Lucy Gray on Nov 08, 2012
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2012 Global Education Conference Presenters’ Checklist Things to Do Immediately ● ● ● ● My presentation has been officially accepted by a conference committee

member and I have thoroughly read my acceptance letter. I have scheduled my presentation according to the acceptance letter directions. If you have not been officially accepted, please do not schedule I have joined the GEC speakers’ group. If I have edited the version of my proposal in the discussion forum, I have emailed Lucy (lucy@lucygrayconsulting.com) and Steve (hargadon@gmail.com) to let them know. (This helps make sure your presentation stays in the Accepted category of the discussion forum.) The above does not apply to keynote speakers.

Things to Do The Week Before the Conference ● I have reviewed the training materials for Blackboard Collaborate. ● I have attended a live training session or watched a recorded session. See the Sessions and Schedule for live training session times. ● I have secured earbuds, headphones or a headset to wear during my presentation. (highly recommended, but not required) ● I have prepared PowerPoint slides or JPEGS to upload to my webinar whiteboard, and made sure to “minimize” the images in my presentation so that the size of the presentation is under 7MB (email steve@hargadon.com if you need help with this). ● Prezis and Apple Keynote files will not work with Blackboard Collaborate. Use PowerPoint slides or images only. ● My contact information is on one of my PowerPoint slides or JPEGS. ● I am not showing video unless it is housed in an external hosting service such as Vimeo or YouTube. ● I have practiced my presentation and uploading my slides by obtaining a free Blackboard Collaborate trial account: http://www.wecollaborate.com/ ● I have checked the conference schedule to make sure my presentation is listed at the correct time. ● I have sent out publicity materials to colleagues and/or used social media to promote the conference and/or my session. (Optional but recommended) ● I have added badges to my website, blog and/or Twitter account. (Optional but recommended) ● I have posted my slides to MY PAGE in the Global Education Conference network site or to my conference proposal page. We recommend uploading slides to Slideshare, and embedding them in one of these pages. (Optional but recommended)

Things to Do on the Day of Your Presentation ● ● ● In my actual session(s), I have filled out my BbC profile (right-click on your name) and uploaded my photo. (Optional but recommended) I know where the conference lounge is and can go there for help if needed during the conference. I have arrived in my presenter room 30-60 minutes before my session starts. My moderator and I are in agreement regarding our roles and the sequence of in-session activities. I have run through the Audio Setup Wizard with my moderator. My PPT has been loaded and reviewed, the Web tour links have been tested, I have reviewed the pre-loaded slide deck with instructions. We plan to use the whiteboard tools for the map, interact with the Chat, the emoticons, the polling and the mic.

How to Find Steve Hargadon and Lucy Gray (conference co-chairs) During the Conference: ● ● ● ● Lucy Gray, elemenous on Skype, iChat and gTalk Steve Hargadon, stevehargadon on Skype & Twitter We will also be in the virtual conference lounge during the conference. This is a great place to visit if you need any last minute help. Feel free to contact members of the GEC International Advisory Board Team for help. You’ll see their profiles on the front page of our web site.

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