The Muse Nameplate/Logo Contest Info.


What is the Muse? The muse is UW-Whitewater's student run Literary Arts Magazine. We publish an annual volume that includes student submitted poetry, prose, and artwork. Purpose of the Contest. We are looking to define The Muse's "image" in order to create a more recognizable publication on campus. The first step is to find a nameplate that is clearly recognizable as a representation of The Muse. Where will the Nameplate/Logo be used? The winning submission will be featured on the 2013 volume of The Muse as well as on our blog and official Facebook page. We will also use it for any fundraisers and Muse sponsored events. Why Submit a Nameplate/Logo? The creator of the winning submission will receive $25 as well as being recognized at our annual "Muse Night". Don't pass up this great opportunity to build your resume! Specifics:    Nameplate contest submission should be clearly legible and also reflect the creative nature of our publication. We are looking for a logo that is simple but clearly represents "The Muse". Please submit one copy of your nameplate in .PDF format and another in .INDD or .PSD with access to layers and the ability to be edited maintained. We are leaving color, text, and illustration/no illustration, etc. up to you so be creative! Keep in mind that we are a literary arts magazine!

Design Information: Title of Publication: The Muse Subtitle: UW-Whitewater's Literary Arts Magazine. Finished dimensions of Publication: 5.5 x 8.5 Please include Volume Number and Publication date in your design. Volume 42, Spring 2013

Please send all submissions to: Submissions are Due Tuesday January 29th, 2013

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