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Gender CoP Retreat: Review of ADB’s Results Framework

1. 2. 3. 4. Introduction Key Changes Gender equality indicators Role of Gender CoP


Why a Results Framework?

• Show achievements credibly • Improve accountability



2013 2012 2011
• Framework refined
• Framework reviewed • Revised framework in use

• Results framework adopted

Key Changes


Structure—Largely Retained
Level 1 Asia and the Pacific Development Outcomes Section I: Level 1 Development progress in Asia and the Pacific

Level 2 Core Outputs and Outcomes

Section II: Level 2 ADB contributions to development results

Level 3

Section II: Level 3
ADB Operational Management

Operational Effectiveness

Level 4 Organizational Effectiveness

Section II: Level 4 ADB Organizational Management

Improved Measurement
• • • • • • Development outcomes Project implementation Inclusive economic growth Climate change Private sector operations Gender equality

Gender Equality Indicators


Level 1
Included 1. Ratio of girls to boys in education 2. Under-5 child mortality 3. Wage and salaried workers 4. Maternal mortality ratio (new) 5. Lower secondary graduation ratio (new)

Dropped 1. Women living with HIV 2. Primary education completion rate, both sexes

Levels 2 and 3
CPS Quality at Entry

Operations delivering gender results


Financing ($) for GEN & EGM Projects GEN & EGM

Core sectors sex disaggregated: students, teachers, microfinance borrowers

Diagnosis Strategy

Design Implementation Outputs Outcomes Impacts Financing

Operational Lifecycle

Role of Gender CoP
• • • • • CPS quality at entry assessment Project design quality Gender categorization uniformity Implementation support Results analysis and stories

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