Online Courier Mangement System

The courier company creates the schedule & gives internal/external services. as time increase. So that when person wants to send things then he has to contact at nearest courier service branch. needs & requirements of the person are also increased. The source office branch receives the order means consignments & sends it to the destination courier branch. so they have to import the things from any place in the world.Introduction of Courier Services • In modern age. The company has certain rules according to the weight. The courier company has number of branches. which are spread over the country or the world. The courier service is one of the solutions of these problems. They want more facility & try to do their task quickly & within time. The courier service work as destination office or source office. It is used to send some things to any person in the world within time. • • . But they cannot get all the things at nearest market or area.

The Main Features The utmost features Packet Entry • The Franchise for Delivery • Updating the delivery status for the packets • Printing of the bills invoice • Client Management System • Employee Management System • Initial Settings • Daily. Monthly. Weekly Report .

. This page gives the Investor able to enter the details of his interest .The Franchise for Delivery • Franchise regarded information and company profit details are been posted on this page so that lead as investor to be attracted.

Updating status of the Courier • For convenience of the CONSIGNEE to track the CONSIGNMENTS updation of this is been done time to time as it reaches to a destination. . • This page is been updated from any location of the world by the staff of the company.

.Printing of the bills invoice • For e-parcel system or else bills for the CONSIGNEE are been able to be printed as they log-in/signup into there accounts and verify the details. • This lets the CONSIGNEE have the bills invoice even if they lose.

Client Management System • This module let the company have its customer do the following things: – – – – Sign up/Register Track their consignments Order e-parcel Customer Support .

Employee Management System • This module let the employee of the company do the following: – Login into their accounts – Update consignment details – Give customer query replies – Give report analysis to the higher authority – Editing Invoices .

Initial Settings • This settings are predefined for both customer and the employee which doesn't need them to enter every time such as: – Current Date – Automated Consignee number – Tracking advise to the customer via email .

Daily. This reports leads to the solved and unsolved queries. Weekly Report • This module is been used for the company database for the accounting and company managers or higher authority. . Which lets them have the details of the overall accounting and input/output of the transactions. resources used and inventory are all added. Monthly. Customer Satisfaction.

• It consumes less time and less people. • This system easily helps the company and customer track the consignments and also is quicker than the manual system.Pros of C. . • It saves lot of time. • This system is real-time.S.M.

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