One loaf can change the world…

A building block…

Bread is a commonality between all cultures It symbolizes both the similarities between and uniqueness of all people around the world


Much in the same way that love, hope and compassion help sustain humanity.

Breaking Bread – The Rules are Simple

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Come to an event location near you Bring one loaf of bread Join your fellow humans from across the globe Break bread with them Learn about their culture, gain perspective and walk away with a full belly


The Breaking Bread campaign promotes tolerance, cultural awareness and love for our fellow man Fund raising goals vary at each event ranging from a loaf for every family to WORLD PEACE.

Call to action

Sign up for an event near you! Details can be found at Can’t make the event? Donate! Proceeds collected are evenly distributed to the following charities to fight hunger:
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What a difference one loaf can make.

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