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TEST_steps to Success 1

TEST_steps to Success 1

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Published by: Ernesto Tejero on Nov 08, 2012
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TEST. STEPS TO SUCCESS 1. UNITS 3-4-6. 1. RELATIVE CLAUSES. A) Complete the sentences using a relative clause. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Catherine and Sue are two girls (like dancing) My mobile phone is something (be very important to me) Antony is a friend of mine (live in Boston) West Side Story is a musical (be very famous) An airport is a place (planes land)

Name ______________________

B) Combine the sentences using relative clauses without relative pronouns (contact clauses). 1. We bought a car last week. The car is blue. The car 2. The girl is a singer. We met her at the party. The girl 3. The bananas are on the table. George bought them. The bananas 4. We watched a film last night. It was really scary. The film 5. I have to learn new words. They are very difficult. The new words 2. FUTURE FORMS. A) Choose the correct future form in brackets. 1. By the time you arrive, I'll (have been / be) working for two hours. 2. John hasn't eaten. - Don't worry (I will make / I am going to make) him a sandwich. 3. We'll go out for dinner when he (gets in / will get in). 4. (I will be studying / I will have studied) at 9 tomorrow evening. 5. Look at those clouds! It (is going to rain / will rain)! 6. Peter (is / is going to be) fifty next Friday. B) Write an example for each tense. Make sure it expresses future. 1. Present simple: 2. Present continuous: 3. Future simple: 4. Future continuous: 5. Future perfect: 3. THE PASSIVE.

A) Rewrite the sentences in Active voice. Example: Letters were written by the students. 1) Coffee is sold by Marie. … … … The students wrote letters.

2) The child was hit by a car.

3) This book was written by an Irishman.

4) The exercise is completed by the teacher.

5) The computer is used by Patrick.

B) Rewrite the sentences in Passive voice. Example: The students wrote letters. 1) They understand Spanish. … … … Letters were written by the students.

2) The electricians test the fire alarm.

3) My friend bought a new car.

4) The teacher closes the window.

5) The mechanic repairs cars.

6) John cleaned the bathroom.

4. VOCABULARY A) Translate into Spanish: 1-reliable 2-sympathetic 3-moody 4-crowded 5-stressful 6- fun 7-chat show 8-soap opera 9-embarrassed 10-annoying

B) Translate into English: 1-tímido 2-introvertido 3-inseguro 4-mochila 5-relajante 6-pacífico 7-productor 8-músico 9-vegetariano 10-psicólogo

5. WRITING. A) My favourite journey. B) My favourite film / type of films. (90-110 words)

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