Pair pupils (similar ability/different attainment) Higher attaining pupils model reading Peers correct reading mistakes

Paragraph shrinking (summaries) Prediction relay

Peer learning Develop questioning skills Encourage summary writing Write elaborations Develop organisation strategies

Give feedback time and priority Debrief after exams/assessments/homework Effective Feedback Factual and constructive Be specific/give examples Encourage dialogue with pupils


Debrief after exams/assessments/homework Link to future work/lessons with a preview Make reading goals clear Avoid passive listening or note-taking Predict potential test questions Connect to prior work or past lessons

Listen without interrupting Identify areas of confusion Allow for the possibility you could be wrong

Promote thinking about their work Offer suggestions on what to improve (reenforcing declarative knowledge) Offer suggestions on how to improve (reenforcing conditional and procedural knowledge)

Offer 'task involved' feedback Avoid 'ego involving' Promote daily reading Promote the idea that ability is incremental not fixed Assign written work based on reading Homework Summary, response, application, notes, questions etc.

Developing learning strategies in your department

Creative thinking

Philosophical/enquiry questions Encourage a suspension of judgment Encourage the generation of possibilities Give time to think

Grades, praise, comparison with others is rarely effective; it focuses on an individuals social hierarchy not the work that they have completed.

Small group tasks that apply what has been read Critique, devise, compare/contrast, evaluate, synthesize Memorising Increasing skill speed Deepening understanding of a concept Preparing for future learning eg. ask pupils to explain the relevance of a piece of homework Journals Blogs Communication with home Planners Understand homework types Apply consistent consequences

Value your pupils' ideas Use Bloom's Taxonomy Encourage risk taking with ideas

Avoid suggesting intelligence, creativity, thinking is fixed Ensure the purpose of the homework is explicit Provide effective/timely feedback Use support structures Promote the idea that intelligence, creativity thinking is plastic - stretchable, can be manipulated, developed

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