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You can use the Grid System tool to lay out a grid system for large structures. The grid
system is useful when creating welded structures. The grid system is also helpful when
you work with multiple users who use different third-party applications to make grids.
Multiple users can use the grid system and work from the same baseline.
You can create a grid to help specify the location of key elements in structures. When
you use the Grid System tool, you create a sketch to represent the grid. You can then
specify the number of floors for the structure and the distance between each floor. The
sketch is replicated for every floor in the structure. Balloons are attached to the grid items
to help with orientation.

Grid system with weldments applied

Grid system sketch

Click Grid System (Features toolbar) or Insert > Reference Geometry > Grid
See SolidWorks® Help: Creating a Grid System.
The graphics area can appear cluttered when the grid system creates a lot of geometry
or if you create multiple grid systems. To reduce clutter, you can hide the geometry.
Display options are available to help you visualize the grid structure and to ensure correct
grid inferencing.


Large Scale Design

To access the display options, in the FeatureManager design tree, right-clickGridSystem
and click View Grid Components. In the View Grid Components dialog box, select
an item and click a display option, such as Normal To .


Large Scale Design


Model Display

This chapter includes the following topics:

PhotoView 360
Working with Appearances and Rendering a Model

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