Analysing the title sequence for ’catch me if you can’

A title sequence is a method by which films or television programmes either present their title, key production or cast members. I’ll be looking at the film Catch me if you can. I’ll be analysing and annotating the title sequence for this film.

The first screen shot is from the Catch me if you can title sequence. This first shot shows that the film is produced by DreamWorks pictures. This is a well-known production company.

This screen shot shows that Steven Spielberg created the film.

This screen shot is of one of the main actors in the film. Leonardo Di Caprio he is a well-known award winning actor.

The screen shot also shows another main actor. Tom Hanks is a wellknown actor which may be one possible reason why people go to see the film.

The screen shot is of the title of the film. It shows views what the film is called. The colour scheme is black, blue and white showing this film is light hearted but also mysterious, especially since it’s a crime film.

This shot tells us who did all the music throughout the film and title sequence.

This shot tells us that Mary Zophres is the costume designer for the film.

This shot shows us the executive producers for ‘Catch Me If You Can’ Barry Kemp and Laurie MacDonald.

The last two screen shots show not only did Steven Spielberg create the film he produced and directed it as well.