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ENG F5 SET 6 2012

ENG F5 SET 6 2012

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English Paper 2
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This question paper consists of four sections: Section A, Section B, Section C and Section D. Answer all sections in this question paper. Section A [15 marks] Question 1 - 8 For each of the questions, read the question first and then study the information given to find the best answer. Then circle the answer A, B, C or D on the answer sheet provided. 1.

From the notice, we can conclude that Einstein was A an artist C an astrologer B a scientist D a photographer 2.


According to the notice. Origami is an art that teaches A impatience C discipline B obedience 4. Ethics First is complaining about the A declining moral ethics B arrogance of human beings C consequences of human cloning D improvements made in human lives 2 . we know that opposing views can be A destructive C constructive B unwelcome D unacceptable 5. which of the following statements is true? A The forum is free. From the report. 3. C The public forum will be held in the morning. B The forum is held in a school.

6. The table tells us that the number of infected HIV and AIDS cases A have declined B have remained constant C increased dramatically 3 . we know that the writer A is concerned with the increase of HIV cases B realise that ignoring the problem will make HIV go away C is disappointed with what the Health Ministry has done D hopes the public will sweep the problem under the carpet 7. From the letter.

Aside from dancing. circle A. Beh is Malaysian-born. Later in 1998. He was 9 in classical ballet at the age of five in Kuala Lumpur and will soon conduct a workshop 10 “Oversea Ballet Dancer Workshop”. Beh has toured and performed in France. C or D on the answer sheet. he excepted a full scholarship for three years to study at Hong Kong Ballet Dance company with 11 . the United States. After high school. he 15 a comprehensive teaching certificate in Pilates mat and equipment exercise through the Body Arts and Science International Programme. B. He then 12 sent to China for the “Tao Li Bea Ballet” competition and 13 on to win the best performance award.8. Canada. A outrage B sadness 12. Japan. China and Singapore. A B C D go goes went going C hunger D delight 4 . Germany. He is currently teaching Pilates from the basic to advanced level. Australia. A is B was C were 13. he received the Dancer’s Award of the Year 14 by the Hong Kong Dance Society. Switzerland. A title B titles C titled 11. Then. 9. A train B trains C trained D training 10. The main reason the Prime Minister went to Australia was probably to A treat his sinus problem B go sightseeing C recuperate Questions 9-15 Read the following passage and choose the best answer.

A B C D receive receives received receiving Section B [10 marks] Question 16 . A presented B presents C present 15. Question 16 .20 For each of the descriptions below.14. name the places and tour agencies the people should go to 5 . answer the questions that follow.25 Read the brochure below and then.

31 are based on the following passage. give short answers to the following questions. 6 5 2 3 10 . Where should he go to? _____________________________________________________________________________________ 23 Which is the cheapest holiday destination? _____________________________________________________________________________________ 24 Mrs. More than anything else. In fact. 21 Shalini wants to learn scuba diving.Question 21 . Where should she go? _____________________________________________________________________________________ 22 Mr. Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow. Shamsul. Lee wants to go fishing and enjoy good food. they help him to understand himself better and why society operates the way it does.25 Based on the information given. 1 Philosophical books which espouse theories on feudalism and colonialism appeal to Datuk Dr. Shamsul. the Malay acronym) speaks well of the books which stimulate critical thinking. Director of the Institute for the Studies of the Malay World Civilisation (ATMA. Why ? _____________________________________________________________________________________ 25 Which two destinations offer cheap food? _____________________________________________________________________________________ Section C [25 marks] Question 26 . Such heavy reading that puts simple-minded individuals like me to sleep faster than any sleeping pill is enlightenment to Datuk Dr. He takes to books such as Capitalism and Modern Social theory by Anthony Giddens like a duck to water. Shamsul Amri Baharuddin. Khoo is excited at the thought of duty-free shopping. Datuk Dr. they coloured his outlook in life or perhaps even shaped him into the supercharged social activist that he is today.

In paragraph 4.4 5 6 7 8 9 especially about things around him which he has long taken for granted. what do you understand by the phrase develop an open approach to bring about change in society? ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ 7 . looks at behaviour. the division of labour and social problems." he explains. Capitalism was an extension of colonialism and whilst capitalism spelt the death of feudalism in Europe. Shamsul to realize that a lot of things that we do daily are components of capitalism. Karl Marx. They teach him not to accept things blindly. Marx views society in terms of the economy and created communism which is still widely practised in Cuba and China whilst Weber is hailed in Germany and Europe for viewing society based on politics. Then again. it was fully embraced in Southeast Asia. It was his heightened cravings for acquiring empirical evidence and knowledge that pushed him to research for more materials to answer the questions that plague Malay society. "They empower me with methodologies which allow me to rethink and develop an open approach to help bring about changes in society. (a) what books do Datuk Dr. Reading them in between his student and band boy days. Durkheim. status and prestige. he acknowledged that they had a real impact on him in his quest for theory and concept to guide him in his journey through life. Gidden's book enabled Datuk Dr. From paragraph 3. Give two ways how the books helped him. From paragragph 1. which word has the same meaning as the word arouse? ________________________________________________________________________________________ [2 marks] 29. Max Weber and Emile Durkheim provided him with an insight into three different ways of viewing society. Shamsul read? _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ (b) what does the phrase like a duck to water mean? _____________________________________________________________________________________ [2 marks] 27. The books allow him to see the working of a society in the conceptual sense. 15 20 26. ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ [2 marks] 28. on the other hand.

those quiet eyes Were breathing desolate sighs Imploring her to be nice And to render him paradise Bibsy Soenharjo 1 What did the persona not realise? _____________________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] 2 Write down two things the man’s eyes were doing. _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 8 .. (i) __________________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] (ii) __________________________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] 3 What do you think of this man the persona has met? Using your own words. Read the following stanza of He had such quiet eyes and answer the questions that follow. Shamsul Amri Baharuddin loved to read philosophical books which made him understand . including the 10 words given below • use material from lines 5 – 28 Credit will be given for use of your own words. Shamsul Amri Baharuddin’s passion for books and how it has influenced him. Begin your summary as follows: Datuk Dr.[2 marks] 30. What evidence is there to tell us that Datuk Dr. Write a summary about Datuk Dr. Shamsul likes music? ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ [2 marks] 31.. give a reason to support your answer. He had such quiet eyes She did not realise They were two pools of lies Layered with thinnest ice To her. but care must be taken not to change the original meaning. [15 marks] Section D [25 marks] 32. Your summary must: • be in continuous writing (not in note form) • not longer than 130 words.

Step by Wicked Step Catch Us If You Can The Curse .Anne Fine -Catherine MacPhail -Lee Su Ann Choose any one of the novels above and answer the question below. write about an interesting incident. 33. [15 marks] ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ 9 . Give reasons why you believe this incident is interesting.[2 marks] The following are the novels studied in the literature component in English Language. Based on the novel that you have read.

Soalan 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 16. Books empowered him with the methodology which allowed him to rethink and develop an Jawapan B A C C C A C A C C No. 31. Pulau Pinang 17. Books which stimulate critical thinking taught him to be a critical thinker. colonialism and capitalism. The books have coloured his outlook in life and even shaped him into the supercharged social activist that he is now. From books. Stimulate 29.________________________________________________________________________________________ SKEMA JAWAPAN No. Danga Bay 19. It means encouraging an open mind to bring about new and useful changes in a society. (b) Adapting very well 27. Luxury Travels 21. 25. (a) Philosophical books and books which have theories on feudalism. The price will be cheaper as the tax will not be included. Pulau Tioman 22. 30. Shamsul Amri Baharuddin loved to read philosophical books which made him understand himself better./They helped him to understand why society operates the way it does. Lake Tour Agency 20. Danga Bay 23. They made him aware of the things around him which he has long taken for granted. They helped him to understand himself better. He was in a band during his school days. Lake Tour Agency 18. SUMMARY Datuk Dr. Pulau Pinang and Pulau Tioman. Pulau Pinang 24. he learnt why society operates the way it does. Soalan 11 12 13 14 15 Jawapan D B C A C 10 . 28. 26.

In fact. the most interesting incident is Colin’s story. His father had special names for him. They were breathing desolate sighs. The girl must be careful and not be persuaded to do anything that is not right. The Curse An interesting incident in the novel The Curse was when Azreen managed to become friends with The Old Lady. that did not deter Azreen from her determination to befriend her. It highlights the love Colin has for his stepfather. She wanted to make sure they were safe from the authorities. He kept things associated with his stepfather such as his tobacco and other memorabilia. she entered The Old Lady’s compound bravely. Tyrone was about the same age as Rory and lived in a caravan with his father. There were rumours that The Old Lady turned children into objects or animals and she possessed magical powers. He may not have been a good husband. In fact. He spent time with Colin before and after school. 2 i. 11 . Ruby and Sammy had their own story. The special name and song he had for Colin was the ‘Bluebird of Happiness’. the most interesting incident is when Rory and Granda met Ruby.open approach to help bring about changes in society. who was a kind and an affectionate soul who could also predict the future. ii. He was a real father and made him happy. She even predicted that Granda will have medical problems. Even when his mother left the stepfather. To Azreen's surprise. Books really made an impact on him in his quest for theory and concept to guide him in his journey. 1 She did not realise that the man’s eyes were not sincere. food and dance. They were begging her to be nice to him. After all the troubles they went though. Granda took such a liking to Ruby that we thought he might stay with the family for some time to come. He was saving up money to see him. The villagers had branded The Old Lady as weird and a witch who eats children! Thus. but he was a good father to Colin. even the adults were petrified of her and nobody dared to enter her compound. and offered them accommodation before their second move. It was not easy for her to achieve that. The happiest moment in Colin’s life was the times he spent with his stepfather. She lived in a caravan with her husband but she took an immediate liking to Granda and Rory. Though Colin had not seen his stepfather for 5 years. Catch Us If You Can In the novel Catch Us If You Can. She entertained them to music. 3 I think that he is not a good man. Thus. he was determined that he would see him. they understood the problems and dilemma faced by the octogenarian and the young boy. However. Step by Wicked Step In the novel Step by Wicked Step. Ruby and Sammy travelled the country with their son Tyrone to run away from the authorities. He also saw the makings of a society in the conceptual sense through them. Colin loved his stepfather very much and wanted to be with him for a long time. Colin harboured hope that he would see him again. Rory's quick decision to “rescue” his Granda and himself from being placed in Rachnadar and Castle Street saw him and his Granda landing at Ruby's place. Sammy and Ruby. Rory also need not worry about his Granda while living in the caravan as Ruby took care of him. it was indeed very good for Rory and his Granda to meet happy and simple people who did not want authorities to poke their nose into their business. They took pity on Rory and Granda. Tyrone. They did not want to be separated from their own son. Though his mother left him because he was not good at keeping his job and they had to live from hand to mouth. (129 words) 32. Colin had an affinity for him. One day. The Old Lady was not angry with her or turned her into an object or animal. Granda and Rory were very fortunate to have met Ruby. Colin could remember all the lines in the song. Colin never knew his father as he left him and his mother when he was just a few months old. The Old Lady was rather amused by her boldness. Colin was the happiest with him and loved him till the end. He could cheat her and then leave her. Even the neighbourhood dogs loved him and followed him everywhere. (Accept any suitable answer) 33. They could live in peace for a while.

From then on. The Old Lady welcomed her into her home and gave her some food. It was tragic and sad she died in the fire as the Old Lady was a victim of circumstances and a cruel husband. This was most interesting as it was the start of a good friendship. they became good friends and close confidants. what made her life worthwhile after her husband abandoned her. However.though she appeared stern and strict. Azreen managed to destroy village taboos and rumours. By befriending The Old Lady. It was good too that Azreen was bold as she earned the trust of the Old Lady who remained loyal to her till the end. was the fact she became good friends with Azreen. 12 .

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