MEANING Multinational Corporation-a corporation that has itsfacilities and other assets in at least one country other than

its home country. Such companies have offices and/or factories in different countries and usually have acentralizedhead office where they co-ordinate globalmanagement. Very large multinationals have budgets thatexceed those of many small countries. Sometimesreferred to as a "transnation al corporation" FEATURES Centralized management:-A MNC has its headquarter in the home country.It expands its business to other countries so it can easily managecompanies. World Wide Spread of Business:-The business of the MNC is spreadworldwide. Better Quality Product:-A MNC has to compete on world level therforehas topay sp ecial attention on the quality. Formation:-MNC is similar to joint stock company & its formed or registeredunder company Act of respective country. Huge capital:-MNC are able to raise huge capital by issuing share togeneral publ ic within in or outside the country Employed:-MNC is mainly employees higelyqualified andprofessional persons . They are appointed on basis of merit. Multiple operations-MNC caring multiple operation such asmanufacturing, marketin g, finance, advertisement, marketing andresearch etc. Better standard of living:-MNC contribute in batter standard of living in two wa ys (i) By providing employment (ii) by providing quality of product at low cost. Transfer of resources:-MNC helps to transfer the resources such asmodern technol ogy, skilled and professionals person, raw materialetc from advance country to t hose country in which they operatethere activities

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