MESSAGE FROM MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES TO THE MONTRÉAL COMMUNITY Dear Montrealers: Montréal municipal employees are following the

news along with their fellow Quebecers. We are all affected by the reprehensible acts committed by some individuals. We understand the population’s concern over a few employees who have betrayed the relationship of trust that must exist between municipal employees and the community. In this particular context, it is important that we, as municipal employees, remind Montrealers that the Ville de Montréal is an organization that employs dedicated, honest and competent individuals. We are those blue- and white-collar workers, professionals, information agents, librarians, technicians, secretaries, department managers, firefighters and managers that you probably see every day. Our commitment toward the community is unwavering and a driving force on which you can rely. We wish to emphasize that integrity, openness, competence and a respect for ethics are among the core values that we defend. We are all citizens and taxpayers who want sound, honest and efficient management of public funds. That is why we salute the work of the Charbonneau Commission that we requested time and time again. Also, we support the measures that have been implemented and any future actions to improve the management of contracts awarded by the city. Although current events have tarnished the image of the institution and the municipal public service, we have maintained our capacity to act and assure you that the pride of a job well done is an integral part of our motivation and raison d’être.

Guy Hébert City Manager Ville de Montréal Michel Parent President Syndicat des cols bleus regroupés de Montréal Alain Fugère President Syndicat des fonctionnaires municipaux de Montréal Ronald Martin

President Association des pompiers de Montréal inc. Pascale Tremblay President Association des cadres municipaux de Montréal Jacques Brisebois President Association des contremaîtres municipaux employés par la Ville de Montréal inc. Gisèle Jolin President Syndicat des professionnelles et professionnels municipaux de Montréal Martin Tremblay President Syndicat professionnel des scientifiques à pratique exclusive de Montréal Jean-Nicolas Loiselle President Syndicat des employées et employés professionnel-les et de bureau – section locale 571 Claude Picotte President Syndicat des architectes de la Ville de Montréal