89% of Voters from African American Wards from Chicago's West Side Vote in Favor of an Elected School Board

Source: Chicago Board of Elections 11/7/12 Outlined above are the preliminary election results for the referendum seeking voters opinions on whether or not the City should have an elected board of education. Petitions were circulated over the summer under the old 24th Ward map, which was based on 2000 Census data. The election was conducted under the new 24th Ward map, which is based on 2010 Census data. Even though we circulated petitions for the entire 24th Ward, after the redistricting, some of the old 24th Ward land area went to the 12th Ward; some went to the 22nd Ward; some to the 28th Ward and some to the 29th Ward.

God is awesome and we thank Him and give Him the glory for victory! Voters in 327 precincts in 35 wards from around the City of Chicago have had the opportunity to weigh in on the question of whether or not Chicago should have an elected school board. A preliminary review of results indicates that 89% of voters in our local community want elected school board. This is significant, as Lawndale and East and West Garfield are Ground Zero for school closings and other school actions that are disruptive to student learning and cause community de-stabilization. The elected school board referendum received more votes than any other referendum offered by the State, City or local precincts during this election cycle.

We thank everyone who helped contribute to the success of the referendum initiative in any way, including: Providing technical assistance and other resources; circulating petitions; giving an endorsement; promoting this effort among friends, family and colleagues; educating voters; distributing literature; knocking on doors; making phone calls; providing a forum to circulate petitions; providing a forum to talk about the issues; videotaping forums or voting!!! We will be looking at results from all races around the City and sharing them with our state legislators as we advocate for an elected school board. A special thanks to Dwayne Truss from the Austin neighborhood, who got the fire started in Lawndale. We are in the process of reviewing more detailed numbers from the West Side and Citywide. We will share a final analysis once it is completed.

Sincerely, Valerie F. Leonard Co-Founder, The Lawndale Alliance

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