I plan to achieve in creating a mythical creature along with its mythical story from studying Carta Marina Maps

. This creature will use both its mythological interpretation and logic in creating a believable monster. A fully textured, skinned and rigged model will be created along with its habitat in the form of a cg environment render. The whole purpose is to create a detailed creature and environment for a film.

The Carta Marina Map from 1539 depicts many sea monsters which I have taken one called the Sea Orm and have created a creature built around its description, and using logic of sea animals to create a believable sea monster.

The Sea Orm is similar to sea serpents only they are not reptilian but more closely resembling giant worm like monsters, to which its alias name also refers to as worm or vurm. Its name is often used in both British and Scandinavian mythology.

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Sea Orm Carta Marina Various Sea Worms Oar Fish Sturgeon Legless Amphibians (Caecilians)

The final outcome will be a fully textured and rigged sea monster along with a diorama depicting the monster with its environment on a base, as well as a short animation of it.

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