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ANNEXURE “ B ” [ See rule 5 (1) ] Appeal under section 19 (1) of the Right to Information Act, 2005. To, The Appellate Authority, Ministery of Health & Family welfare

Ref. No. :--- RTI/4475/2012-PMR (Please mention this Ref. No. in all future correspondence.) 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Full name of the appellant : Sri. Sanjeev Chadha Address : Director ,Ministry of Health & FW, 07/11/2012 Particulars of the State Public Information Officer : Date of receipt of order appealed against (if order passed) : The grounds for appeal :

a) Incomplete Information is provided, I had asked regarding the grants and subsidies given to Kamla Nehru memorial trust and Kamla Nehru memorial Hospital and Regional Cancer center Allahabad since the year 2002-2012,but information has been provided only till the year 2007 b) In second part I had asked for the account expenditure submitted by the trust since 2002-2012 but I am being diverted to Kamla Nehru Memorial Hospital, Regional Cancer Center ,Allahabad, For this information.This information seems to be inaccurate. Particulars of information : a) Nature and subject matter of the information required : Government grants provided to Kamla Nehru Memorial Cancer hospital and research Center Allahabad Name of the Office or Department to which the information relates:


Encl :-1. Copy of my RTI Application dated Nil 2. Reply received from the PMO, dated 16/10/2012_ 3. Copy of reply received by me from Ministry of health and family welfare sent on 23/10/2012 received by me on 7/11/2012 Note :-a. Kindly provide the information point-wise and in English language as far as possible as required under Section 6 (1), 4 (3) and 7 (9) of the RTI Act, 2005. b. If any information is denied then please quote the exemption clause of Section 8 (1) and a brief reason as to how it applies. This is a requirement of the RTI Act, as per Section 7 (8) (i) read along with Section 19 (5).

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