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Published by: Zakky Al Qudsyi on Nov 09, 2012
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You can simulate walking and flying through a 3D drawing.

When you walk through a model, you travel along the XY plane. When you
fly through a model, you are not constrained by the XY plane, so you
appear to “fly” over an area in a model.

The following mappings are available for walking:

Up arrow / W key

Move forward

Down arrow / S key

Move backward

Left arrow / A key

Move left

Right arrow / D key

Move right

Drag mouse

Look around & turn

F key Toggle

Fly mode


Open a drawing with 3D objects and display in a 3D view.

2. Create a camera anywhere in the drawing and set the view to that


Choose View, Walk and Fly, and Walk.


4. Type 3DWalk or 3DFky at the command prompt.

Command: 3Dwalk


The following walk and fly navigation mapping settings appear.
Briefly look at the navigation keys, then choose close.

AutoCAD 3D Tutorial

- 67 -

The following Position Locator dialog box will appear that you can use to
navigate your drawing.

Press the Up, Down, Left, and Right keys on the keyboard to see how the
camera location moves in the drawing and Position Locator dialog box.

Move the camera and target in the Position Locator dialog box.

Click and drag your mouse to “fly” through the drawing.

Close the Position Locator dialog box and try walking and flying using only
the keys on the keyboard and mouse.

AutoCAD 3D Tutorial

- 68 -

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