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An embedded system is one that has computer-hardware with software embedded in it as one of its most important component. It is a computing device that does a specific focused job. 2. What are the components of embedded system? An embedded system has three main components i) Hardware ii) Software iii) Real Time Operating System(RTOS) What are the classifications of embedded systems? iv) Small scale embedded system v) Medium scale embedded system vi) Sophisticated embedded system 3. What are i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) vii) viii) ix) x) all the application areas of the embedded systems? Consumer Appliances Office Automation Industrial Automation Medical Electronics Computer Networking Telecommunications Wireless Technologies Instrumentation Security Finance

4. What are the categories of embedded system? Based on functionality and performance requirements, embedded systems can be categorized as : i) Stand-alone embedded system ii) Real-time systems iii) Networked Information Appliances iv) Mobile Devices 5. What are the special features of embedded systems? i) They do a very specific task ii) They have very limited resource iii) They work against some deadlines iv) They are constrained for power v) They need to be highly reliable 6. What is stand-alone embedded system?


For example.Therefore in SHARC provision has been made to store some secondary data in the program memory to balance the load on both memory blocks. Differentiate CISC and RISC processor? Page2 CISC RISC . What are the three types of architectures for the processor? i)Von Neumann Architecture ii)Harvard Architecture iii)Super Harvard Architecture 12. What are all the specialities of embedded systems? i) Reliability ii) Performance iii) Power consumption iv) Cost v) Size vi) Limited user interface 10. 7. Program memory stores only instructions and data memory stores only data. What is the Von Neumann Architecture? This Architecture has one memory chip which stores both instruction and data. What is Harvard Architecture? It has separate memory blocks. What is real-time system? Embedded systems in which some specific work has to be done in a specific time period are called real-time systems.Stand-alone systems work in stand-alone mode. What are the CPU processors used in embedded system? i) General purpose processor(GPP) ii) Digital signal processor 11. What is Super Harvard Architecture(SHARC)? In which the data memory is accessed more frequently than the program memory. consider a system that has to open a valve within 30ms when the humidity crosses a particular threshold. one is program memory and the other is data memory. The input can be electrical signals from transducers or commands. The output can be electrical signals to drive another system. The processor interacts with the memory through address and data buses to fetch instructions and data. 8. 13. 15. 14. They take inputs. process them and produce the desired output.

generates machine codes from the high level language. Frequency depends on the needs of the processor circuits. This time may be definable within the first few clock cycles after reset. What is Assembler? A program that translates assembly language software into the machine codes placed in a file called ‘. 25. ii) Data Memory It contents are erased when power is switched off. initial data and strings and operating systems or RTOS. according to the processor specification.exe’(Executable) file. hardware architecture is complex. 21. What is linker? Page2 24. What is timer? A unit to provide the time for the system clock and Real-Time operations and scheduling. software architecture is complex 16.i)Complex instruction set computer ii)It has large instruction set. What is compiler? A program that. What is clock? Fixed frequency pulses that an oscillator circuit generates and that controls all operations during processing and all timing references of the system. What is ROM? A ROM that locates the following in its ROM-Embedded software. i)Reduced instruction set computer ii)It has limited number of instruction set iii)It needs large memory iv) )In which hardware architecture is simple. 17. What are the classifications of memory chip? i) RAM ii) ROM iii) Hybrid Memory a) EEPROM b) Flash memory c) Non volatile Memory 18. 20. . What is watch dog timer? A timer with timeout from which resets the processor in case the program gets stuck for an unexpected time. 19. What is RAM? This is a Random Access Read and Write memory that the processor uses to store program and data that are volatile and which disappear on power down or off. which is 10ns. What are the types of memory? i) Program Memory It stores the firmware permanently. A processor. The codes are called object codes. iii)It needs less memory iv)In which software architecture is simple.ss 22. if it needs 100MHz clock then its minimum instruction processing time is a reciprocal of it. 23. (OR) An important timing device in a system that resets the system after a pre-defined timeout.

as available memory may not start from 0x0000 at a given instant of processing in a computer.effective management of shared memory access by using the signals . 32. 31.which runs after the programming of the control register of a peripheral device and to let the device get the inputs or outputs. File is called ROM image. What is locator? It is a program to reallocate the linked files of the program application and the RTOS codes at the actual addresses of the ROM memory. It executes on an interrupt to or from the device. Page2 . Reallocation is necessary.queues.interrupt controls. What is kernel? A program with functions for memory allocation and deallocation.mailboxes.exception handling signals. What is RTOS? OS softwares for rel-time programming and scheduling.device drivers and device management.i/o management. device management and multitasking. inter-process communication . organizing or doing some task or series of task by following the fixed plan. 29. 27. It creates a file in a standard format. 28.device driver. 26.A program that links the compiled codes with the other codes and provides the input for a loader or locator.semaphores. What is loader? It is a program that reallocates the physical memory addresses for loading into the system RAM memory. program and set of rules. process and memory manager. What is device Manager? Software to mange multiple devices and drivers. The loader is a part of the OS in a computer. What is system? A way of working.pipes. 30.tasks scheduling. What is device driver? ISR softwarem.

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