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CULTURE AND BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT IN INDIA India is a vast country known for its diversified culture and traditions. India is a peninsular surrounded by water on three sides namely the Indian ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian sea. On the north it bears the world’s highest mountain The Himalayas. Its neighbouring countries are Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Tibet and Sri Lanka. India attained its freedom in 1947 and now it is a world’s largest democratic country. India has about 26 states and 7 union territories. The unique characteristic of India is its “Unity in Diversity” although there are many cultures and religions and languages. As I have resident from Chennai at south of India, I would like to elaborate its culture and business environment.

Fig.1. India – Geography and States

the city has grown dramatically in the last fifty years. dance and all other art forms of the South are cherished and nurtured in this city which. There are many tourist places one can enjoy seeing they are Birla planetorium. Cochin. Andhrapradesh and Karnataka. Bird sanctuary and more. Bombay and Coimbatore. formed to facilitate and encourage the study of comparative religion. These cities are of significant importance in each aspects. Cochin is a cluster of islands dotting on the magnificent emerald lakes which in turn open to the sea. The main cities of significant value are Madras. Chennai is always known for its automobiles industries (Ex. making the city one of the finest natural harbours . Estimated to hold about 15 million people (a census is on in the years 2000-2001). Kerala. COCHIN : Cochin.) Hyundai. Music. Chennai is a gracious city that has a clear skyline. With a population of 6 million people. continues to be traditional and conventional in many ways. parks. Maharashtra. World famous institutions like Indian Institute of Technology. Ford. longest sandy beaches. Chennai presents a culture that is distinctly different from that of northern India. Chennai is a vibrant city ever growing. The world headquarters of the Theosophical Society. regarded as the Queen of the Arabian Sea. Anna University is here. Hyderabad. expanding and changing every year. is situated in the southern west corner of India is a beautiful city and it’s the commercial capital of Kerala. The core area called the "Island City" has the most expensive real estate in all of India. though industrialized. MADRAS : (CHENNAI) Madras now called as Chennai is popularly regarded as the "Gateway to the South". It is located on a 17km stretch of the Coramandel coast. Chennai is now a upcoming business centre and one can find all kind of business around here. TVS etc. Chennai.Page 2 sur 4 Southern India: Culture and business environment The main states of southern India are Tamilnadu. historic landmarks and tourist infrastructure facilities which make it a convenient entry point or base to start a tour of Tamil Nadu and South India. State Museum. the gracious capital city of Tamil Nadu is the fourth largest metropolis in India. Zoological park. Bangalore.

HYDERABAD: Hyderabad. old churches. which was hailed by many. It offers more than a perpetual holiday for . the vacationers and more. the artist. it was the capital of a Muslim dynasty that ruled over a populace that was predominantly Hindu. snake boats races. and at the same time enjoyed various cultural influences brought in by different traders and visitors since the ancient times. mansions. mandarins and memories.Page 3 sur 4 in the world. minarets. Cochin is also famous for export of fisheries . Due to its advantageous location. with pleasant summers and bearable winters. Salnejung museum are found here. Hyderabad is also famous for pearls and pearl jewellery. crafts and music. The serene. It brings you close to nature and .the daydreamers. The weather is the city's best feature. cardamoms. where different cultures and customs exist. palaces. and rubber. Now Hyderabad is a city of significant importance. mosques. the painters. is called the Garden City for it's delicate blossoms and greenery that impart a unique beauty to this lovely city. capital of Karnataka. known for its rich history and culture with monuments. the fifth largest metropolis of India. the trekkers. Cochin has experience the affluence from the sea borne trade. BANGALORE: Bangalore. coconuts. backwaters. Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city. A prime tourist destination of Kerala. Hyderabad has always been more than an amalgam of monuments. tea . temples. Charminar. For two hundred years. Tourist places like Birla mandir. spices. is the state capital of Andhra Pradesh. forts. mosques. museums and the convenience of a big city with towering buildings and business centres. beaches. beautiful state of Karnataka extends a complete contrast to its bustling cities. This fact gave rise to a curious composite culture. Golconda fort. Kathakali. Visakapattinam in Andhra pradesh is also a good city having one of the biggest harbours of India carrying out large exports and imports. Gradually this demographic shift was to change the character of the city altogether. Cochin is boasted for its extensively emerald backwaters lined with palm trees and local villages which represent the fascinating lifestyle of inhabitants who still used these course ways as their mode of transportation It is a place which blended with historical places. a rich and varied heritage in arts.

commercial hub of an old civilization seeking to find its place in the New World Order. Juhu beach.Page 4 sur 4 yourself. Nandhi hills are found here. teachers and clerks live here. and half of India's international trade passes through its splendid natural harbour. More tourist places like Jog falls. and the Raj's brightest jewel. for the architectural wonders they are. factories and mills for a living. flashy film stars. One of the best Institutions called the Indian Institute of Management and Indian Institute of Science are here. At the city's Stock Exchange. Halebid. Aihole. millionaires and paupers are made overnight. Bangalore is world famous for its software business. workers. BOMBAY: (MUMBAI) Bombay now called as Mumbai is the capital city of Maharashtra. banks. In fact Mumbai is the very soul of human enterprise. Hanging gardens. The well known places of tourism are Chowpathy beach. fabulously rich yet achingly poor. Mumbai is India in microcosm. These temples have been highly acclaimed by countless tourists. historians. Everyday. half of Mumbai's population commutes from far-flung suburbs to downtown offices. Gateway of India are good places of tourism. Bombay natural history museum. Hamsapriya Student.wealthy industrialists. archaeologists and art lovers. Badami and Hampi. Ancient yet modern. Other places like Flora fountain. V. Nearly thirteen million people live here . Forty percent of India's taxes come from this city alone. good markets like Crawford and chor bazaar are found here. Elephanta caves. Master of International Business. and the sidewalks are crowded with vendors hawking everything from ballpoint pens to second hand mixies. Mumbai was the dowry of Portuguese Princess Infanta Catherine de Braganza who married Charles II of England in 1661. Karnataka has it’s famed temple sites like Belur. Today it's a teeming metropolis. Once a sultry tropical archipelago of seven islands. It offers a large number of software jobs and gets many foreign contracts. internationally acclaimed artists. . EENI.

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