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Final Report Mobilink2222

Final Report Mobilink2222

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Published by: kamilbisma on Nov 09, 2012
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To enhance its corporate image, Mobilink practices event sponsorship. It
sponsors movie premieres, concerts, sports events and community welfare. A
few events sponsored by Mobilink are given below.

Golf Organized for Premium Consumers by Mobilink Indigo Brand


On May 4, 2007 Mobilink Pakistan organized an invitational Club Indigo Golf
Tournament exclusively for Mobilink’s corporate customers. The golf
tournament was organized at the Islamabad Golf Club by Mobilink Indigo
Club. It aimed at bringing the top executives from the corporate sector at one
of the most popular greens of the city. Expressing his views on the Indigo
Club tournament, Zouhair A. Khaliq, the President and CEO of Mobilink said,

“Needless to say we are the leaders in the telecom sector, but this does not
stop us from doing more for our customers, we strive to set higher standards
for all in the business. Through Club Indigo we ensure the maximum level of
customer satisfaction for our corporate accounts and establish concrete
relationships through tailor-made services and special offers for our major

Club Indigo is responsible for building relationships with its exclusive clientele,
through superior customer services.

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