You lay your bike against the fence and headed towards the farmhouse but Monica came out of the house and stood in front of the door where you going with the boys? she asked the cinema you replied what are you going to see? Kissing Cousins going to see what? it’s a new film by Elvis in it you said looking beyond her towards the house I’d like to come too she said will they let you? they might if you say I can that’s up to your mother

you said but if you said you’d like me to come along I’m sure she’d let me she stood gazing at you her arms folded waiting another time maybe you said why another time why not now? I’m 17 you’re just 14 don’t think your parents’d be keen on me taking you out just yet what do they know she muttered the door of the house opened and her mother came out of the door hope you’re not bothering Benedict she said the boys will be out in a moment she said turning to you

and giving Monica a stern stare ok you said I’ll wait by my bike Monica pouted her lips and followed you as you walked to your bike in you come young lady don’t want you pestering the boys’ friend when they come calling and so Monica turned away following her mother another daydream falling.

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