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Martine Robinson (certification) FRIT 7230: Video Planning Activity Standard: 3.1.

4 Use technology and other information tools to organize and display knowledge and understanding in ways that others can view, use, and assess. Audience My audience members are second grade students between the ages of 7&8. All the students are african american and on free or reduced lunch. The academic levels range from above-level to below-level. The majority of the students are visual learners, other are kinesthetic learners. Motivation (ARCS) Attention The actors will grasp the audiences attention through the use of a real life situation. The video is the story of a boy who hates to read and his journey through the school with two reading fairies to learn that reading is important. Relevance The class will participate in the creation of the video. Each student will choose a genre or type of book they like to read and tell how it can be fun to read. Confidence The students confidence will be displayed as they see themselves on video. Several practice opportunities will be given for students to master their script. Satisfaction The students will have a sense of accomplishment when they can see their vision carried out on video. Objective Given the a topic and a basic script, students will act out a complete story board with 100% accuracy.