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Proportion Scavenger Hunt

Proportion Scavenger Hunt

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Ratio and Proportion Scavenger Hunt
Ratio and Proportion Scavenger Hunt

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Published by: hodgesgal23 on Nov 10, 2012
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D 18 students

Two thousand five hundred flights took off from the airport in the last two days. At that rate, how many will take off in the next week? (7 days)

H 8750 flights
______________________________ There are 60 eggs for every 5 trays in a shop. Find the ratio

of the number of eggs to the number of trays.

C 12:1 _______________

The height of a eucalyptus tree in a park is 12 feet. It casts a shadow of 6 feet. A maple tree in the same park casts a shadow of 2 feet. Find the height of the maple tree.

G 4 feet _______________

Andrew bought 8 shirts for $520. How much would he need to pay for 10 shirts at the same rate?

J $650

Ed observed that a man 6 feet tall casts a shadow of 4 feet. At the same time, the shadow cast by a building is 24 feet. What is the height of the building?

B 36 feet

The architect was told that the height of the hospital building should not exceed 247 feet. The architect designed the building on paper using a scale 2 inches : 19 feet. What should be the height of the building on paper?


26 inches _______________
An oil company looked for a feasible area on a map to construct a gas station. The length of the land spotted by them on the map is 9 inches. The scale of the map is 1 inch : 4 feet. What would be the actual length of the land?

L 36 feet _______________
A photograph of Chris holding a stick on his head was taken. The scale of the photograph is 4 inches : 5 feet. The height of Chris along with the stick in the photograph is 8 inches. If Chris’ height is 4 feet, then

find the actual length of the stick.

I 6 feet _______________
Side Lengths of Square 2 4 Perimeter 8 16

6 X

24 40

Solve for X using a proportion.

E 10 _______________
Side Lengths of a Regular Polygon Perimeter

.5 2 8 12

1.5 6 24 36

How many sides on this polygon?

K 3 _______________
Side Lengths of a

Regular Pentagon Perimeter 1 2 3 5 10 15

In the proportion, 2/10 = 3/x, what number from the chart does x equal?

F 15

If eleven students dropped out of a high school within the last three years, how many will drop out in the next five years if the rate remains constant? (Round to the nearest whole number.)

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