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How to solve a case study!! What is a case?  Description of an Enterprise – – – History Environment Internal Operations  Cases do not have full information, but enough information – Reasonable assumptions Is all the case information Imp!    No As a manager you will be bombarded with information Manager’s job – – Separate Wheat from chaff Deal with uncertainty How to begin solving the case     Read the Case Prepare a List of the major opportunities before the company, and the problems faced by the company Multiple solutions might be possible, so analyze them and choose the best one Tell how will you implement the solution Tools to help you…  Note the Important Points – Environment   Competitors Economic Conditions – – Internal Problems SWOT     Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat Thanks … For this case study… SWOT Analysis  Strength – – Sources of strength for the company Cost, Skill, patents, Consumer Loyalty, etc. Areas of Vulnerability for the Company    Weakness – Opportunity Threats Segmentation   Dividing the market into distinct meaningful groups of buyers who can be served differently. Bases for segmentation – – Geographic Demographic etc. Targeting