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Plastic Order of Battle Modern

Land Forces Band Military Police Infantry (Motorized?) Artillery Mechanized Infantry (Heavy) Armour Armoured Cavalry Armour Support SP Artillery Airborne Infantry Airmobile Infantry Mountain Infantry Naval Forces Carrier Task Force Marines Naval Raiders Naval Air Air Forces Ground Personnel Airplanes Luftwaffe + RAF (Abstract?) 4 to 6 Air bases 4 to 18 squadrons Ships Italian Lagunari Italian Sommozzatori 1 task force 1 company (?) + assets 1 battalion (weak) Carabinieri band Italian Polizia e Carabinieri Italian Modern Infantry Artillery Bersaglieri in M 113 Leopard MBT's Recce elements Diverse tanks SP Artillery Italian Paratroopers ? Italian Alpini 1 battalion + assets app. 25 platoons 5 to 6 battalions 8 to 10 batteries 1 battalion 1 battalion 1 battalion 1 battalion 10 to 12 batteries 3 battalions