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Week A a.1 a.2 B C c.1 c.2 c.3 D E F f.1 f.2 f.

3 G

November 1 2 3 4

December 1 2 3 4


January 2 3


February 1 2 3 4


March 2 3


Halfway Presentation

Final Presentation

6.1 Gantt Chart Phase A: Develop load flow solver for three-phase unbalanced distribution systems a.1: Identifying the components of the distribution network and their models. a.2: Development of a dynamic load flow program with Graphical User Interface in Matlab Phase B: Integrate the load flow solver in evaluating the system configurations Phase C: Develop the searching procedure or the optimization algorithm c.1: Studying Genetic Algorithm (a) Initialization (b) Evolution (c) Termination c.2; Identification of the features of the Proposed Optimization Algorithm c.3: Development of a working code/program for Genetic Algorithm Phase D: Integrate C with the routines devoped in phase A & B Phase E: Working prototype with GUI in Matlab Phase F: Checking and Testing for different scenarios. Getting the results f.1: Simulation of single and multiple faults f.2: Cases for Partial Restoration: Proposed Load Curtailment Scheme f.3: Comparison of results with other studies. Phase G: Project Documentation