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Scuola di Scienza del Mija Purok 2 Lumil,Silang, Cavite

A Lesson Plan in Ordering Sets with 1-10 Objects From Least to Greatest

Prepared By: Quirante, Jhover S.

May 23, 2010


OBJECTIVES During the given minutes of learning period, 80% of the grade 1 students with at least 70% level of accuracy should be able to: A. Order sets with 1-10 objects from least to greatest. B. Order sets with 1-10 objects from greatest to least. C. Show enthusiasm in performing activities.


SUBJECT MATTER Topic: Subtopic: Whole Numbers Ordering sets with 1-10 objects from least to greatest

References: Ma. Theresa Artigas- Ibay , Elona Santos-Lagrima(2009)Skills Enhancer in Mathematics, Grade 1,Innovative Educational Material,Inc. III. MATERIALS Papers having counting figures from 1-10. Teachers Activity 1. Motivation The class will be divided into two groups. Each group must have equal number of members. Each group will be given 10 pieces of papers indicating numbers from 1-10. I will call one member on each group at the same time. As he\she calls he\she is about to place their hold paper\s to the appropriate box on the board. The group who will do the activity will win the game. 2. Lesson Proper I have here 3 figures. Can anyone tell which set is the greatest? Why? The box with 9 leaves Because the number of leaves is greater than the number of flowers and the tree. Students Activity

Very good! How about the least set? Why do you say so? Very Good! Now, if we are to arrange the sets from least to greatest, which comes first? Last? The box with tree. The box with leaves. Very good. What if we arrange the following sets from greatest to least, which should be first? Last? The box with leaves. The box with tree. Good. 3. Generalization Can anyone tell me how to arrange the sets from least to greatest and vice versa in easy way? Very good! 4. Application Angel wants to arrange her favorite fruits into least to greatest so that she can give the couple of pineapples to his parents and the couple of mango to his cousins and the apple for herself. The box with 1 tree Because the number of tree is less than the number of the flowers and the leaves.

If least to greatest (L-G) least elements comes first and the greatest elements comes last and vice versa.


EVALUATION Direction: Answer the given questionnaire (the students will be given seatwork).


ASSIGNMENT Direction: Answer pages 22-23 on your mathematics book.