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See! SSE Sz "THe NATIONAL ©? GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE FEBRUARY, 1928 e CONTENTS THIRTY-TWO ILLUSTRATIONS IN FULL COLOR Around the World in the “Islander” With 77 Illustrations: HARRY PIDGEON The White City of Algiers With 9 Mlustratian: GORDON CASSERLY On the Fringe of the Great Desert 32 Autochromes GERVAIS COURTELLEMONT ‘The Warfare of the Jungle Folk With 33 Illustrations MERIAN C. COOPER and ERNEST 5B. SCHOEDSACK PUBLISHED BY THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY HUBBARD MEMORIAL HALL WASHINGTON, D.C. > HAWAIL hace aiee Tire bighee ge out, From she shadow of hig hays down telvergreen clilfsides “$400 to $300 will cover all ex penses of a month's trip direct Apgeles, San Frans she quit ff sem camcient Hew A ddawng figuee glides into the tooorne Clave ne lang-weeks Gliding first-class round tip steam hula of the plant playground, wis et fire tae is beginning, And pen are in a thermometer stays. belaw Enese hp anid cruis hushed audience aca greurhorel— summer, above 65° in "winter" ing. Or you ean stay iat mote spellbound by the exotic beauty modest hotels for even tex, for of mooalight filtering through the Bea ah we ier the two weeks in Hawaii. Come palm fronds, the music of'strange Even nay pean prepared to say longer—to shake instruments ani sofefilting voices, —ture—surfboarding and oif humdrom care for months the rhythmic whisper onthe com! suads of Waikiki, of dozen se TNionry the world seems far drives: brea away — yet ia no mor than and brass and rarm surf ASK ANY TOURIST AGENCY oF cures; motor steamstiip: of railroad office to tell ng for teak you mate about Fiswaii—andhow sive the trip is fram yout it takes to cross the Atlantic yoo ental baraars; impr Via any port a the fo ee fairy islands of Hawaii! where one cats pot Hawaiian style, Pacific Coast, And sendthis coupon Tostomuow aoseuic yoo'll and atrange-named fish baked in roday. for illuscrared bookler {in Jook out upon a-painted ocean of leaves 1 wiolet, indigo, emerald, jade. down to breakfasranda so ‘Orientalwaiter willbe melon thar growin ef pineapple ably afew ho sand dances in perfoed appointed hotels: Speceacular dee sea fi nt rwrordst tanaand ia Trips tothe volcan Hawaii U.S. National Park, a the getlike ilands of Mant ‘ Kawai, where Waterfalls tumble U8, color) and 2 copy, of Tourfx, infr 9, La a Henulidia, Hesse (USE THIS COUPON) his “Plesice send Hisiwwii Booklet in colors to the udelress written im margiw below Vor. LIL, No. 2 WASHINGTON Fesevary, 1928 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC AROUND THE “MAGAZINE WORLD IN THE “ISLANDER” A Narrative of the Adventures of a Solitary Voyager on His Four-Year Cruis in a Thirty-Four- Foot Sailing Craft By Carr. Harry Prcronx With Mastrations from Phatographs by the Author “ HY did you di it?” isthe question T'am mast frequently asked in regard to my single handed voyage around the world, ‘The best reason Thad was the Tack of means with which to build:a larger vessel and hire a erew to sail it for me, There is also a great satisfaction in accamplish- ing something by one’s own effort. My Tove of the sea did not come from early association, for [was born an a farm in Jowa and did not see salt water until T went to California, when 1 was eighteen years of age. So tar as I know, none of my ancestors ever followed the sa, After several years Speiit om a ranch in ornia, T went ta Alaska, where 1 Jearned to saw ont boards from the trees on the shore and make small boats, in which T tad many thrilling adventures. on the rivers and lakes of the north. Atone time T owned a small vessel and sailed it among the istands nf southeastern Alaska, bat P never went out upon bine water and most of my time was spent hunting and making photographs along the rivers and in the mountains of that great land. Returning to California, [ became & photographer among the great trees of the Sierras, but after a few years of this work, pleasant though it was, 1 longed for new Scenes, A VovAGy To ISLES GF THE SEATS DECIDED UPON Abiout this time T came across: the plan of a boat that seemed to be very seaworthy and, itaddition, was not too large for ane mat tu handle, Moreover, the construce ton of it did not seem to be to difficalt for my Himited knowledge of shipbuildin, I decided to build my long-dreamed-o1 and go ona voyage to the isles of the sea. From the mountains I went down to the shore of Los Angeles father, set up my camp, and began the actual work of sonstruiction, ‘The plan from which Twas to model hip was one that had been drawn Phomas Fleming Day, who had had wi mee in sailing stall beats, and it was Captain Day's idea of what a small seagoing craft shoul be. Tt was « the Sea Bird, or V-bottom, type, with iron ballast on, the keel, ‘he timbers for the frame were all very Navy sind reinforced at the bilge with steel knees, and when they were all bolted together as strongly as possible, the plank=