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European NGOs Platform against Trafficking, Exploitation and Slavery


Final Conference
ROME, 14th of November
Centro Congressi Frentani Via dei Frentani, 4 - 00185 Roma

DRAFT AGENDA Wednesday, 14th of November (9.00-16.00) 9.00-9.30 Authorities introduction - Jakub Boratynski* Head of Unit, A2, Fight against organised crime, European Commission - Tiziana Zannini, Ministry Equal Opportunities-Anti-trafficking Department; - Vincenzo Castelli, President at On the Road 9.30-9.50 Presentation of the ENPATES Project: aims and action [Fabio Sorgoni, On the Road Italy] 9.50-10.10 Presentation of the ENPATES Project: products [M.Teresa De Gasperis, ACCEM Spain] 10.10-11.50 Presentation and discussion of other projects/initiatives/practices [plenary session] - COMPACT (Wiesje Zikkenheiner, La Strada International) - Dangerous Liasons (Tiziana Bianchini, Consorzio NOVA Italy) 11.10 COFFEE BREAK 11.30- 12.10 Presentation and discussion of other projects/initiatives/practices [plenary session] - Dream Business [Katarina Mrner, Foundation Safer Sweden] - Animanova [Alexandra Mitroi, ADPARE Romania] 12.10-13.00 Final discussion on the practices presented 13.00 LUNCH 14.00-14.30 Oncoming scenarios on policies and interventions against trafficking at international level [Alberto Andreani, Representative OSCE] 14.30-15.30 Discussion about the future of ENPATES Platform [plenary session] 15.30-16.00 Conclusions [Vincenzo Castelli President Associazione On the Road Italy]
*Not yet confirmed

Contact persons
Vincenzo Castelli and Micaela M. Schincaglia Programme Coordinators Mobile: +39 346-609.38.72 [Castelli] E-mail: Mobile: + 39 333-691.83.55 E-mail: Fabio Sorgoni Practices Area & National focal point Mobile: +39 346-211.97.70 E-mail: