Saint Anthony’s University of Pennsylvania The Requirements for an M.Ed. (A Master’s Degree in Educational Administration) 11/10/2012 C.E. 1.

There are no prerequisite course requirements other than an Undergraduate Degree. 2. The M.Ed. Program at Saint Anthony’s University has the following course requirements listed below, which can have been taken in Undergraduate School or in another Graduate Program: The degree covers Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Undergraduate Education, and Graduate Education management skills. The only language requirement for the program is Americana English. 3. The Courses are: 1. Introduction to Management. 2. Small Group Decision Making 3. Personnel Administration 4. Organizational Behavior 5. Motivation Theory (Maslow) 6. Business Calculus 7. Quantitative Methods 8. Tactical and Strategic Management 9. Budgeting 10. Scheduling 11. Educational Theory

12. Jurisprudence 13. Masters Thesis Seminar Course (Optional Some Courses can be waived for

participation in the Masters Thesis Seminar and completion of an academically acceptable written Masters Thesis of not less that 20 pages, typed double spaced, Harvard Blue Book Style Manual format). Approved by the President of Saint Anthony’s University of Pennsylvania and the American Jurisprudence Accreditation Association.

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