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ox PPT FZ a ABE onumeh FOR = Ie SEE dis iA GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE APRIL, 1928 @ CONTENTS TWENTY-FOUR PAGES OF ILLUSTRATIONS IN FULL COLOR Holidays Among the Hill Towns of Umbria and Tuscany With 41 TMlustrations: PAUL WILSTACH Man and Nature Paint Italian Scenes in Prodigal Colors 33 Natural Color Photographs HANS HILDENBRAND A Walking Tour Across Iceland With 39 Tiluatrations ISGBEL WYLIE HUTCHISON The Island of the Sagas With 20 Illustrations EARL HANSON The Indispensable Sheep With 20 Illustrations PUBLISHED BY THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. SOCIETY HUBBARD MEMORIAL HALL WASHINGTON, D.C, THENATIONAL © Spend an snforgettab HAWAILD Aeweeks* spam +400" The lighss go a the quickening ste Front the shadow of vacation in the world's big bernyam sree come ina of wat ancient Huervaitrn bncla-chant. A dancing figure glides into the swarm Hawaiian moinlight The nila nlapwr—the lezendacy hula of the tara" hushed aurdienteat a great hotel— spellbound by the exo of moatilight filtering through the palm fronds, che music of stramge instruments anil soft lilting yoices, the rhythmic whisper of wat TTontenr the ¥ sore time than it takes to cross the Adantle you found these fuity islands of Hawaiil MORNING you'll Jaok our upon 2 painted ocean af fer, indigo, emerald, jade, Go to faoted Oriental wai scious: nt thut grew in attec,ora.alive f pineapple anty a few hours fra the fil You're teady for two Jong weeks, or more, in the world’s hhew islarul playground, where the thermomocer stays b summer, above 6 BriBiune wool tecenets? Eviay nav picitet a new adven- ture—rurfbourding and ourriguer equipeing ar Walk of a dagen scenic courses; motor dives: tresmure-hunting for teak and biass and tapiecloch in the Orie ental bazaars; imprompeu thai, owhere orte eats pai Hawaliaia s1j!¢, and rrangesnamed fish baked ia leaves. Tess and dances craciilardeep- sea Ashing for giant sword-tsh, ips to the volcan olfan ene Kauai, where warerlalls cumble (USE THIS couPrON) new island playgriund down velver-green cliffside $409 10 $500 will cover all-ex- penses of a month's crip ditect fron Las Angeles, San Francisco BE, class cound rip steam 2004) tniles each way, the sand inter-island cruis on Tess, for the two weeks in Hawaii. Come prepared tw stay longet—to shake olf Humdrum caze for month ASK ANY TOUMIST AGENCY oF steamship or nilroad office to tell you moce aboue Hawaii—and how inexpensive the tip is fram your city to Hawaii via any port on the PaciticCoast. And sendthis coupon today for illustrated bookler colors) snd a copy of Touriax, brimtull of helpful travel infoe- mation, Addeess Hawuct Touriit Bardi, 312 McGann Bhi, Sew Francie; PLO. Be Las Amped; rect, Hemel, Hutcait, “Please send Hawaii Booklet in colors wo my wadress written in margin below Vou. LIT, No. 4 WASHINGTON Apa, 1928 THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE, S AMONG THE HILL TOWNS OF UMBRIA AND TUSCANY By Paur (O NEARLY every one Italy is at ace a land of memory wr yrromise, ames ring and sing, sym- phonic in suggestions which beckon invite, aire panoramic with incom- prable visions of Nature and art; they are processional with emperors and popes, tyrants and criminals, saints and mystics, Tainters and poets and. builders, “eve type of human agent of had and good best event and worst. How: pleasant and pregnant the ear finds such plirases as the en Hills af Rome, the Plains of Lom- hardy, the Ray of Naples, the Canals of Venice. Among scl phrased names belong the Mill Towns of Tuscanyand Umbria, Most Of tinse who hive journeyed between Rome and Florence have: seen litte more than the silhouettes of Orvieto and Chinsi and Arezzo, all skyward on their rocks. When opportunity affers, the byway: however, up one or the ather valk ower Apenrines, to Initer in As- sisi the hill towns here are scarcely more than names or pictures seen in passing, ‘That it was so with me brought the suggestion to climb to Narni and Spoleto, Trevi and Spe San Gimignano and Certaldo; to adda third dimension to the mere Jength and breadth of what hnet been, only flat pictures seen only in perspee~ tives In this iden of seeing a side other than the outside of these hill towns, 1 had great Perugia or Siena. Other that these, Wusracu comfért from the final desperation of an ‘American friend. All lier life she had traveled to and from New York City by the New York Central, on the Hudson's cist bank. Onee, late in life, she made the joueney on the other nd dle claréd that she had great relief in "seeing the Incks of things she Imd alvays seen the front of before.” A TOWN IW THE SRY ON TITE PATHWAY, yo UstMMEA, Narni is found hovering over the chasm ‘of the River Nera just above its inion with Father Tiber. ‘The eninlding forest- are already Umbria, clad They sit surely suffocate here if it were for the long arms of valleys which at times reach in and push these bills apart to make room for snatches of Eden. Gn its summit, ina natural cloister of mountains opening only eastward, where such a smiling valley Tittle for the eight miles to Terni, Narni is a modest hut authentic introduction to the smaller Umbrian hill tins. _ Trains dem to stop at Narni, but the tables do not always pate to record the hours of arrival and departure, [n= deed, the town is so far in the sky thar passers-by on the iron rood may be quite mscious of its existence, much less its ficance, and from the car window spend their entire interest on the single lofty arch, which remains to aiggest the superb bridge the Emperor Augustus here