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Consultative Selling eBook

Consultative Selling eBook

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Published by Areeya Mae Factores

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Published by: Areeya Mae Factores on Nov 10, 2012
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A sales project management system for tracking,
communicating and delivering the needs of your client.

Letting the presentation get in the way of the message

Salespeople devote tremendous amounts of time and

energy in creating compelling presentations. The problem

is, most of this is lost on prospects or clients. Presentations,

if poorly planned, are largely a waste of time.

Salespeople hate to hear this, as the presentation is the

hammer in their sales toolbox. It is their security blanket,

their comfort zone, and they do not want to give it up.

Giving a lecture, even one that includes multimedia

elements, is boring. The salesperson attempts to teach by

telling. The big problem with this method is that hardly

anyone remembers what they heard. How much do they

remember – maybe half?

Salespeople follow the 80/20 rule. Eighty-percent of

talking about their company and its solutions and why they

are the best fit. What’s missing is, “What’s in it for the

customer?” “How will this solve their problem?” “Will they

get the results they want?”

Your competitors are doing the exact same thing –

giving the same kind of presentations and making the same

arguments. Many salespeople lose it at the presentation.

They miss the non-verbal signals. They do not put enough



effort into it or do not have a plan. Salespeople see a

presentation as a meeting without any preplanned actions.

This is a waste of the client’s time and theirs. The skills

involved should be the same as a professional speaker

because, in sales, this is what you must be.

An effective presentation is built on these elements:


These are the ingredients of success.

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