AFM Term paper (10MBAFM321) General Guidelines

It is hereby informed to the students of III Sem Finance specialization that the following instructions to be followed regarding the AFM-Term paper is concerned. 1. The students are required to choose the title of the Term paper themselves. 2. The term paper should be prepared on individual basis. 3. The title should be registered by Finance -1 and Finance -2 students with Ms.Anjali Soni and Ms. Shilpa K respectively in order to avoid the duplication. 4. The reasonable number of pages covered for the Term papers is 10-15 pages. 5. The topics /titles should be chosen from AFM subjects only. 6. The topics can also be covered beyond the contents of the syllabus. 7. Students are required to do literature review for their term paper. 8. The cover page should have the following details. Title of the paper, Name of the student, USN, Section, Semester, Batch, Name of the Institute etc., 9. The student can do term paper either on Empirical study or on conceptual basis 10. The Common contents of the term paper are Title, Statement of the problem, Objectives, Methodology, review of literature, Data Analysis, Findings and outcomes, References etc., 11. The students are required to prepare the term paper on A4 sheets and on print form. Both soft and hard copy should be submitted to the undersigned through the above mentioned students (Mentioned in SL No. 3) 12. The date of presentation on Term paper will be announced in due course. 13. The last date of submission is 31.10.2012

G.V.M.Sharma Associate professor & Subject Faculty-AFM

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